W.W. Durbin W.W. DurbinBeginnings… Cincinnati has always been a hotbed for magic as evidenced by such notable names as Stewart Judah, John Braun, Lester Lake, and John Snyder. Early on Ring 71 met at John Snyder’s magic shop in nearby Norwood, its name honoring W.W. Durbin, the first elected IBM President from Kenton, Ohio. When J. Ronald Haines purchased the shop from Snyder’s widow and moved the business to his residence, the club began meeting there. Although the location has changed several times, the club still holds get-togethers at Haines to this day. Ring 71 became the J. Ronald Haines – W.W. Durbin Ring in 1974 and soon after began meeting in the shop’s showroom. By the mid-nineties the club had increased in size and moved to the newly remodeled backroom, an “inner sanctum” for members of all ages. In a sense Ring 71 has come full circle. This current meeting room is located on the original site of John Snyder’s magic shop, where magic continues to flourish monthly.

Today… Ring 71 is a thriving club that combines youthful exuberance with seasoned experience. The members enjoy many excellent lectures, workshops, an annual holiday banquet, and a yearly picnic combined with the local SAM, featuring the time-honored John Braun/Stewart Judah contest. When visiting Cincinnati, we would love to see you at one of our frequent meetings. Come hungry though, as we always wrap up the evening at a nearby eatery for late night socializing, trick sharing, and feasting!

Interested in membership or attending one of our meetings? Good! Because we personally extend an invitation for you and your family to attend a meeting of the J. Ronald Haines — W.W. Durbin Ring 71. We welcome all fellow conjurors and will gladly provide directions via email or telephone. You may also get customized driving directions from this website.

Please contact our President, Pat Hartzel via email or by phone at 513-679-1607.