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Gallery: 2015 Ring 71 Auction

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Our 2015 auction attracted a record number of auction items, with thirteen sellers and collections from as far away as Las Vegas. Thanks to our auction volunteers, and special thanks to Haines House Of Cards for supporting this event. Herewith, … Continue reading


More Items for Ring 71 Auction

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We received a number of new items from a Las Vegas magic collection earlier this week. These will be offered at the Ring 71 Magic Auction this coming Saturday, April 18. (click any image to enlarge) INCLUDES WHAT SEEMS TO … Continue reading


Items Up for Bid at This Year’s Magic Auction

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These are among the many, many items we expect to have at our April 18, 2015 magic auction at Haines House of Cards. This will be one of our largest auctions ever! In addition to collections being brought in, Haines … Continue reading


Ring 71 Close-Up Contest – January 24

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The Ring 71 Close-Up Contest took place at Haines House of Cards on January 24. Chuck Sunshine performed his “will the sox (socks) match” routine and won 1st place! Bill Pryor earned second place with his “One Thumb-4 Toes”, “Markathought”, … Continue reading

Barry Mitchell Lecture May 24 – Photo gallery

Barry Mitchell brought his unique brand of magical entertainment to Ring 71 on Friday, May 24. The gallery below contains a selection of pictures from his lecture.

Barry was very keen to take questions and comments from the audience. At one point, a question was raised about his use of the term ‘yahoo’ (Tennessee pronunciation: YAY-hoo) when referring to an audience member or layperson, as in “any yahoo can do this trick”. After some reflection, Barry sent the message below as a follow-up to our discussion:

Dear Friends in Cincinnati,

Thank you for the opportunity to come back to your club and share my magic and thoughts. I had a wonderful time and as I said at the workshop, I always learn something each time. I gave more thought to the discussion we had about my Yahoo trick and my image of encouragement in my shows. Although I’ve always seen the word “yahoo” just as a funny joke and name I can see why some might have a problem with it. Depending on where we grow up and our influences words have different meanings. I still feel confident that my character can enjoy using “yahoo” with success but I want to offer a couple thoughts. I think “if there is any negative” feel by the audience this is probably replaced when the helper becomes the hero in the end finding the cards. That’s thought one. Thought two makes it all a non issue. Simply replace the word “yahoo” with “anyone.” The Anyone trick. I believe card tricks are so easy that anyone can do them. And to prove it I’m looking for ANYONE! I hope this helps for those who purchased Yahoo and gives you a second option. And just so you know, I really do listen to my audiences because I always learn something. Thanks again.

Barry Mitchell

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Kozmo lectures for Ring 71

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Kozmo visited our Ring on Friday March 23rd, and delivered a remarkable lecture. He told us the story of how he got into street magic, and performed his entire act. His explanations were clear and thorough, and his comedy was … Continue reading

Wiechman’s Halloween Display Celebrating 50 years of Fun!

Count Marco, a.k.a. Ring 71 member Mark Wiechman, rises again for his annual haunted castle attraction. Mark is celebrating his 50th anniversary of his Halloween Display, which is known as “Count Marco’s Haunted Castle”. What started out with Mark as a teenager decorating with cardboard tombstones and skeletons has grown into a family tradition including his son Steve and his grandchildren, Jonathan, Kayla, Olivia, Vanessa, Nicholas and friends. The castle contains a spooky cemetery, a 3D black light room, a cage containing who knows what, and a mad scientist laboratory. Two of Mark’s most treasured items are his Vampire Dispatching Kit and a Lester Lake Guillotine.

Count Marco’s Haunted Castle will be open Monday, October 29th through Wednesday, October 31st from 6:30 PM until 10:30 PM. The Count continues to add new surprises annually, but this year he has a few extra for this special occasion. The display is free and open to the public; however, donations are welcomed and proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization dealing with pediatric brain cancer research.

“Count Marco’s Haunted Castle” is located at 6791 Marvin Avenue in North College Hill off Galbraith Road. Parking is available across from Marvin Avenue in the City Center’s parking lot. Cross Galbraith Road at the light and walk down Marvin Avenue to the display.

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SAM Assembly 11 visits Children’s Medical Center

For several years, SAM Assembly 11 has been making monthly visits to Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center to entertain the young patients and their families. Bill Pryor and Rick Gaffney (who are also members of IBM Ring 71!) visited yesterday, and Lisa Hall of CCMC was kind enough to forward these photos.

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Gallery: IBM/SAM Summer Picnic, June 10, 2012

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Thanks to Chuck Arkin, Shellina Borgman, and Joe Farag for these pictures.

Count Marco’s Haunted Castle

Mark Wiechman reports that he has received a message of mysterious origin…

Count Marco’s Haunted Castle returns for its 49th year! The family friendly Haunted Castle is free to the public; however, donations are welcome. The Castle will welcome courageous visitors on Saturday 10/29 through Monday 10/31 from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. All are welcome. This year new backdrops have been added and the black light room has taken on a new look. Happy Halloween!

Rumor has it that Count Marco’s Haunted Castle can be found at 6791 Marvin Ave in North College Hill.

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