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APRIL MEETING – Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM.

This is the link to join the meeting:
Ring 71 – Cincinnati, OH – April 23 Monthly meeting

There are also some helpful tutorial videos on the link.  It will ask you to download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it loaded on your device.  So if you haven’t been on a Zoom video conference before, I recommend that you join through the link above about 10 minutes early so you will be set up when the meeting starts.

Business Meeting (15 minutes max)
    Video conference DO’s and DON’T ‘s. (General rules, see below.)
    Current meeting plans for Ring #71 through July.
    Election plans for the May meeting.
    Anything you want to bring up that is Ring #71 business-related.

You Never Know Who Will Show Up
The National I.B.M. has been providing guest speakers for these video conferences.  I have been on two calls for two different Rings over the last 2 weeks.  There has been a wonderful special guest on each one, that either taught some tricks (lectured, but not a “full lecture”) or discussed their work in detail and answered questions.  Both guest speakers were highly entertaining and educational.  So there is no guarantee, but I’m going to assume that we will have a guest speaker for our video conference.

Sir-Patrick, Greg Hamilton, and Charlie Cadabra plan on teaching a trick on this video conference instead.
Charlie is going to perform and teach a trick that requires you to have a deck of cards (full 52 cards, no jokers) that you will be able to do without handling the cards yourself!  So please be prepared with a deck for the video conference.  I think you’ll like this one. If you want to teach a trick, you are welcom to join in!

It’s Your Turn: Share something
Break out your close-up pad, adjust your camera, check your mic, and share something with the Ring members.  It can be a polished routine, a sleight you are learning, something new, something old.  Surely since you’ve probably been sitting at home for over a month now, you have something to share.
Video Conference DO’s and DON’T’s:FYI – After the Dayton Ring 5 video conference, Mike pointed out some helpful tips to follow during a video conference. These are great “rules” to make the video conference run smoothly.

  1. Names –    Please key in your name (not initials/email address) when you enter the video conference.
  2. Cameras – Please don’t sit so that the camera is pointing into the light or you get washed out.
  3. Mics –        Please don’t have your speakers pointing at your microphone, or there will be feedback/echo.
  4. Mute –        Please put your microphone on mute unless you are asked to talk/present, or are answering questions.  NOTE: Some mics do not have noise gate capability and every sound you make is picked up and transmitted – so it interrupts the flow of the person talking/performing.
  5. Chat –       There is a chat button where you can enter comments that everyone can see when someone else is talking or presenting, so you don’t have to interrupt the person talking/presenting.


May 21 (Thursday at 7:00 PM) – Mentalism & Meatballs
– This will be our election night.  Officers will be sworn in at the June Picnic.
– The theme will be Mentalism.
– We will have some Mentalism tricks taught and everyone will have a chance to share something.
– Closer to the date, we’ll let everyone know if we are having a meeting or a video conference.

June 20 (Saturday at 1:00 PM) – Klosterman Mill Visit
– This could be the last chance to tour the Kosterman Mill in Georgetown.   
– The attendees last year raved about the Mill, the food and had a great time.
– Chris Philpot (100th Monkey) fame is our planned lecturer.
More details about his lecture closer to the date.   
– Yes, there will be plenty of food and time to tour the Mill in addition to the lecturer.

July 18 (Saturday at 1:00 PM) – Summer Picnic at Westermeyer’s
– The picnic at Don’s home (mansion) last year was wonderful.
– Astor is our planned lecturer this year.
He is from Hungary and has many great, easy-to-do tricks in his lecture.
  More details about his lecture closer to the date.
– Once again, we’ll have picnic food (burgers, dogs, etc).

War of the Wizards Magic Show

Saturday, March 7 at 7:00 – 8 :45 PM

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Auditorium
212 South Broad St
Middletown, OH 45044

A unique magic show featuring six magicians who all belong to the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.).  Each of the three area “Rings” (Cincinnati #71, Middletown #324, and Dayton #5) have two performers each, representing their local I.B.M. Ring in the contest.

This family fun magic show has something for everyone ages 3-103.  You’ll see doves, rabbits, audience participation, hilarious routines for children and adults.  Mr. Magic, Charlie Cadabra, Donovan, Bret and Dylan, The Caretaker and James the Magic Man plan to surprise, amaze and entertain you!

Attendance is only $5 per person 14 and older.  Children 13 and under and free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Pizza & Close-up Magic – Thursday, January 23rd

Come to the Springdale Nazarene Church  to  enjoy Pizza and Close-up Magic!   The church is located at 11177 Springdale Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45236. Business meeting starts at 6:30 pm.  Regular meeting starts at 7 pm. Map to Church 
A Message from President Charlie!
REMINDER – Thursday, January 23, 2020 will be out January Ring meeting.  The theme is “Pizza and Close-Up Magic.”  The January Ring meetings have historically been devoted to Close-Up Magic and will be again this year.  Years ago, we met at Corky’s Pizza near Kings Island.  They have moved since then.  So the Ring is bringing pizza to our regular meeting location (Springdale Nazarene Church, 11177 Springfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246 [Rt. 4 south of I-275]) We have a great meeting planned for everyone. 
There will be four Teach-A-Trick performers:
1.  Chuck Arkin will perform and teach an updated version of a Bill Pryor classic.  He wowed the magicians at the recent IBMJAM in Pittsburg with this routine.  Chuck will also provide the “where with all” you need to perform this stunner.
2.  Greg Hamilton will perform and teach a trick.  He hasn’t shared the routine with me yet, but I know it will be great.  And I believe it will not be a card trick!
3.  Ron Lawson will perform and teach both a card trick and a trick with money.  I have seen both of these and can attest to the fact that they are BOTH foolers and easy to do.
4.  Cheatin’ Charlie will perform and teach an 8 card lie detector trick that I guarantee will fool you.  You will want to learn this easy-to-do trick! 
The rest of the meeting will be devoted to YOU and the close-up trick(s) that YOU bring to perform.  You do NOT have to teach the trick – that is entirely up to you.  It can be anything from something you perform frequently (polished); to something you are working on (learning); to something that you are having trouble with the moves or understand the instructions (need/want help).  The intent is to share and to help everyone improve with ideas and feedback.

The officers/board will meet at 6:30 to discuss the upcoming year. 
The meeting will kick off at precisely 7:00 PM.

AND, there will be a couple of door prizes:
(Every paid-up I.B.M. Ring 71 member who attends gets one ticket for the drawing.   Everyone who performs a trick also gets one ticket for the drawing.)
#1 – I Hate Card Tricks by Stephen Bargatze (DVD + Gimmicks-2 Phoenix Decks) – $35 Retail price. A real magician fooler! It’s the effect to close your close up set! 
#2 – A vintage Newspaper Dove Vanish – Retail “Priceless”. This can be used to vanish anything the size of a dove.

The Zig Zag Newsletter – January, 2020

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Magi,

I believe that our Holiday Dinner was wonderful!  The food was plentiful and good; the entertainment varied and fantastic.  I special “THANK YOU” to Mark, Greg, Sherry and Ron for their “above and beyond” help with setting up the room, decorating and getting extra drinks.  Also,  a big “THANK YOU” to everyone (too many to list) that helped with the clean-up! The entertainers – Steve Faris, Chuck Sunshine (Sonenshein) and David Hennig did a superb job of entertaining the attendees.
For the January, February and March meetings, we are requesting three volunteers who will perform a trick or a whole routine (12-minute limit) at the meetings.  If you would like to volunteers to perform at any one (or two or all three) of the meetings, email me at
Three audience members will be selected at the start to provide comments/feedback.     Three  performers x three feedback providers = 9 audience members to give feedback.  The reason for three giving feedback is to keep the time down.  Others can certainly talk with the performers later that were not selected to provide feedback.
This isn’t a contest, there is no “judging” and the performers can bring in well-rounded routines or “works in progress.”  The whole idea is to be a large brainstorming group that supports the Ring’s members at the meetings.  In that way, we all learn from each other and become better performers.
As always, the Ring officers want your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and feedback (good and bad). Please email me or contact one of the Ring officers so we can continuously improve the meetings and provide value to everyone in the Ring.

EMAIL Address to use:

Dues form-click here!  

Meeting location:
Springdale Nazarene Church
11177 Springfield Pike (Rt. 4)
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(One Mile South of I-275)

Thursday, January 23rd – Pizza & Magic!


The January meeting has historically been “close-up magic.”  That is our plan for this year too!  Please plan to bring a “close-up” trick or tricks to perform – you don’t have to volunteer in advance to bring something to perform.  If you are interested in teaching a mini-lecture, please email Charlie  ASAP.  Then he can ensure that we don’t have multiple magicians planning to teach the same trick(s).  There will be a close-up magic trick as a door prize with a retail value of $35.  You get a door prize ticket for attending, one for giving a mini-lecture, and another for performing.  You do not have to teach the trick(s) you perform.

Thursday, February 27th: War of the Wizards tryouts and Platform Magic


We will use the February Ring meeting to preview possible acts and decide which acts will be included in the contest for Ring 71.  Please email Charlie ( if you would like to try out for the WOW Contest.  Note: We will need to have THREE acts selected in case one of the acts is not able to attend the contest.

Please bring something to share preferably stage, but can be anything.  You do NOT have to be trying out if you would like to perform your trick at the meeting.

Contest held at:    Bethlehem Lutheran Church Auditorium,
                                  212 South Broad Street, Middletown, Ohio  45044
                                  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm          
Admission: $5.00 per person
There will be a 10 – 15 minute intermission after the first 3 acts.
Profits will be split evenly between the three Rings (Dayton, Middletown and Cincinnati). Each of the three rings will have two acts to represent them.
Acts are to be 8 – 12 minutes long. Acts over 12 minutes will be eliminated from the contest and points will not be awarded to the competing Ring.
Order of acts will be determined by drawing lots (1 – 6) on day of contest.
Each performer’s intro will only include their name, how long they have been performing, and what types of shows they perform.  No location or Ring information will be shared in the introduction – that way all of the performers are on an equal level to the audience. Unlike most contests, EVERYONE in the audience will be allowed one vote for their favorite performer/act as they exit.  (There will NOT be any scoring sheets.) The Ring with the most total votes wins the WOW contest!

 March 12-14th-Winter Carnival of Magic-Pigeon Forge

Performers/Lecturers Information

Year after year, the Winter Carnival of Magic has brought some of the greatest magicians to East Tennessee to perform and lecture. Past performers have included Jeff McBride, Oscar Muñoz, Pop Haydn, Losander, Joshua Jay, The Pendragons, Aldo Columbini, Arthur Trace, Terry Evanswood, Duane Laflin, Gene Anderson, Shawn Farquhar, and a long list of others.

The following performers/lecturers have been booked for the 2020 Winter Carnival of Magic: Kyle & Mistie Knight, Jania Taylor, Master Payne, Matthew David Stanley, Andrew Remnet, Joe Rindfleisch, Ben Young, Brandon Baggett, and Kyle Marlett.  for more information!

 Thursday, March 26th: Mentalism and Meatballs


Stay tuned for more information!

Thursday, April 16th: Mark Leveridge Lecture


Mark is a full time professional magician, dealer and author with a wide performing experience gained over many years as an entertainer.

In Britain he has presented close up magic at many venues around the country, his engagements including business functions, private dinners/parties plus a number of extended periods performing in restaurants and hotels for groups such as Trust House Forte and Leisure Inns.

Mark has presented his lectures at nearly every Society in the country and has appeared on the bill at most of the major conventions including the IBM, Blackpool and Macmillan London Conventions.

Abroad Mark has entertained and lectured several times in Europe, including engagements in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, plus has lectured in Australia and Singapore as well as many times visited the United States, appearing at both the IBM, SAM (twice), the 4F’s and Abbott’s Conventions and performing and lecturing at venues in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Colombus, Baltimore, Louisville, Salt Lake City and on board the Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, California to name just a few.

In the magic world Mark is well known as an author, inventor and lecturer on close up, children’s and mental magic, his creations, sold by his mail order company Mark Leveridge Magic, being used by magicians from all over the world.

Mark has written several books, mainly concentrating on close up, but his two biggest works to date are THE COMPLETE MAGIC PARTY, concentrating on performing games and magic at children’s parties, and THE STROLLING MAGICIAN, a highly detailed book on working commercial strolling magic. Mark has also submitted many items for inclusion in magic magazines such as Genii, M-U-M, Magic Manuscript, The Budget, Linking Ring, The Conjuror and Abracadabra. 

Mark has won several competitions for close up magic including, in 1981, the prestigious Zina Bennett Trophy, the all comers competition for close up magic organised by the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Mark is a member of the Magic Circle in London where he is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Mark also has six television appearances to his credit to date.
Mark loves to organise events and over the years has been successful in staging and sponsoring a number of different ones including the well known British Close Up Magic Symposium (which ran for 16 years), plus other smaller occasions such as ImagE (a day of workshops), The Commercial Close Up Forum (a day of advice and interaction with pro magicians) and more.

Mark also provides extensive online help, advice and training for magicians of all standards through the medium of his online club and information resource the E-Club. With members all over the world, this monthly updated Members’ Only website features many hundreds of pages of content, most of it video, which aims to support, advise and enthuse everyone from amateurs to full time professional magicians. With all the content being updated fully on the first of every month and all the material drawing on Mark’s 35+ years of full time professional experience, E-Club Pro and E-Club Elite have proved to be a popular and trusted resource.

Since March 2005, Mark has also been the Editor of Magicseen, a full colour independent glossy magic magazine which features personalities, news, tricks and a whole range of interesting articles on magicians from the UK and beyond. With subscribers worldwide and many more magicians who purchase their copies from magic dealers or through Magicseen’s US distribution partner, this bi-monthly magazine has quickly established itself as a firm favourite with readers. The magazine is also available as an instant .pdf download from the Magicseen website which can be found at

May: Ferràn Rizo & Nataly Machado Lecture

Ferràn Rizo is a full time Spanish magic professional who has previously unveiled his magic secrets to the European community. He has lectured at the top Magic Circles in Spain and conventions such as SEI and CIMAPS. Ferràn and his wife Nataly are both teachers at the Juan Tamariz School. They have toured the UK several times in addition to several other venues across Europe with great success.

Ferràn has written and edited four books on his magic, and a fifth one about the magic of Penguin and Magic Castle lecturer Alberto de Figueiredo. He has just finished a new history book about the life and magic of Frakson. He is now writing his latest book that will be released during the USA tour. He has also written several Magic articles for Spanish Magazines.

With his wife Nataly, they have created several stage-shows that have been presented in Spain and other venues across Europe. They have developed their own retro style, which combines art, dance, and Magic. Together they have conceived a national Convention in Spain. Ferràn has traveled to the most significant cities in Spain and across Europe with his close-up magic show hailed by audiences as elegant, classic and magical. He has a vast experience on TV with special appearances in several different TV shows. Ferràn and Nataly also have their own TV show called “Increíble pero Magia.” 

Now, Ferràn is going to tour the USA with his latest Magic and new inventions. This is a unique chance to enjoy and learn the classic and modern Magic of Ferràn Rizo. There are secrets suitable for all skill levels of magician taken from his professional shows.

What’s Included in the lecture?
This is a two-hour lecture, full of practical close-up magic with cards, coins, cups, a pad and a piece of paper. There is a bit of everything, and there is something for everyone at any skill level. The tricks presented in the lecture are taken from his own professional act, so it is practical magic at its very best, tried and tested over the years.

Some of the tricks will be performed by Nataly Machado. She is an all-round artist that has studied theatre, music, and dance and put all her skills at the service of Magic. She has worked on stage and as a close-up magician and as a co-star in the TV show “Increíble Pero Magia.” She has also lectured in the UK and at the Magic Castle. This is a unique lecture full of new and original ideas.

Decreasing Deck and Card-Case: This effect was a complete sell-out success on Ferràn’s latest UK tour. He has now remanufactured it and improved the trick further. The magician clearly takes the cards from a card-case and at his command, the complete deck shrinks into a mini-deck. The transformation takes place in full view of the audience and at the end of the routine, the deck which has shrunk into a mini one, now ts inside the mini card-case.

Naton: This trick will be revealed for the first very time to US magicians. The magician writes a prediction onto a pad, and then the spectator takes a card. When the magician reveals the pad, it represents the face-down card, claiming that it is the chosen card. Then the magician makes a magic movement and draws a card, which becomes a real card, showing that it is the selected card. To finish, the magician places the card into the pad, this time face-up and it becomes a real drawing. The magician can then tear the page from the pad and hand to the spectator as a souvenir.

The Three Powers: In this trick, three coins clearly disappear from the magician’s hands and travel to inside an empty purse. In the end, when all the powers mix together, the magician makes the coins disappear from inside the purse and into the spectator’s hands. A very powerful trick for your audience.

My Cup: This is Ferràn Rizo’s version of a classic. It is his signature piece, that has amazed magicians from all over Europe. When you learn this routine, you will have a powerful and magical piece on your hands that will even fool magicians. Spectators and audiences will be able to clearly see all the movements but not how the trick is done. This routine also ends with an unexpected climax.

The Phoenix Paper: This is a Ferràn classic, performed in his professional shows. He takes a piece of paper, which was has handed to a spectator for inspection, tears it into small pieces and rolls them up into a ball. He then pierces the paper ball with a pin and sets the paper alight. In a ash, it is instantly shown to be restored into a complete piece of paper. The magician’s hands can be shown clearly empty until the last moment. A fantastic and visually dramatic opener.

The Storm: In this trick, you will be able to make your audience participate in a small miracle. Your spectators will become actors and extras in a theatre play. The first actor, represented by a card will be immersed in the vastness of the deck that represents the sea. Suddenly a storm will render the card in danger, but the magician will make it disappear and reappear inside a box that was shown to be empty at the beginning of the trick.

The Nature Box 2.0: This is a handmade wooden box that was created originally to perform the card to the box plot. But soon, Ferràn developed new ideas which lets you perform several different tricks, magic with cards, coins, banknotes, keys, and predictions. In his version of The Card to The Box plot, you will be able to show the box entirely empty at the beginning of the trick and make a real card appear inside. You will also learn several other different and magical effects

Zig Zag Newsletter – November 2019

President’s Message
Dear Fellow Magi,
We had a wonderful October meeting!  The audiences for the two shows enjoyed all of the acts.  We had approximately sixty children, ages 6-12, for the first show and approximately thirty-five children, ages 2-5, for the second show.  Personally, I thought the two acts for the first show were excellent.  I’m not so sure about the guy that did the second show…  The feedback about the performances during the meeting portion was all positive.
We also had a fun time during the meeting.  Many of the members who attended the meeting performed some magic for the rest of us.  I thought that was a fantastic part of the evening.  I enjoy watching the other club members perform and will continue to encourage each of you to bring something and share it.
I’m looking forward to both the Mike Powers lecture (Thursday, November 14th) and the Christmas Dinner (Friday, December 6th).  I hope you will plan to attend both events.  See the details included below.
Finally, we have a seven-week gap between the Holiday Dinner and the January meeting.  The thought occurred to me that it might be fun to have a “get-together” sometime in late December/early January that is not a formal IBM meeting.  It would be just a chance to perform some magic  for other magicians.  Please email me if that is something you are interested in holding.


Our new meeting place: Springdale Nazarene Church
11177 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati Ohio, 45246

Meeting Recap – Wednesday,October 30th
Ring #71 held it’s October activity/meeting at the Springdale Nazarene Church.  A magic show was performed for two groups of children, who were there for the church’s Halloween festivities.
The performers for the first group of older children were Ron Lawson and Patrick Thernes.  Ron had the children’s attention when performing “Bakery Bear”. Screams of delight were heard in the room!  Ron then interacted with the kids with his “Breakaway Fan” and “Broken Wand” routines. Murmurs of “How did he do that???”  were heard when he ended his performance by producing a colorful mouth coil.
Next up was Sir Patrick-Thernes, who first  produced beautiful silks out of a change bag. His  “Ethereal Salt Pour Trick” on an unsuspecting child wowed the audience! Two adults were needed for the “Chinese Handcuff Escape”, which completely amazed everyone!
The kids were ushered to another activity and then replaced with the younger set.  This group was entertained by our Ring president, Charlie Cadabra. A young man volunteered to have green slime being poured over his head, but the slime that was poured into the paper funnel never got him slimed!  He certainly was prepared for it with his hat and goggles! A runaway spider certainly got the kids jumping out of their seat with excitement!  But what the kids certainly did love the most, was the production of Harvey, his rabbit,  from out of nowhere!  When the show concluded, all the boys and girls got a chance to gently pet Harvey before heading out.
Ring members then went upstairs to have their meeting.  The room was set up with Halloween candy, cupcakes and other assorted snacks. Positive feedback was given to the performers of the kid’s shows by various members who attended it. 
It was then time for some impromptu Halloween magic by attendees.  Doing tricks for the others were Gerald Ralston, Greg Wier , Patrick Thernes, Greg Hamilton, and Charlie Cadabra.   The raffle for the door prize was held and the winner was Chuck Arkin!  Chuck won Wacko-Magic’s Countless Cookies ($55 retail price).
Thanks to all who came out on a rainy night for some magic and friendship!

Next Meeting – Thursday, November 14th, Mike Powers Lecture, 6:30
Admission is FREE for IBM Ring #71 members – Guest fee is just $10!
Mike Powers has been in the magic scene for over forty years. In 1978 Mike met Ed Marlo and became a welcome guest at the Marlo table in Chicago. With Marlo’s guidance, Mike published his first book, Powerful Magic in 1983. Contributors included Simon Aronson, Dave Solomon, Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz and Marlo himself. Subsequently, Mike has published two more books – Top Secret Stuff (1993) and Power Plays (2006). Power Plays was voted Book of the Year in 2006 on the Magic Café and was runner up Book of the Year in the Magic Industry Awards.
Mike’s magic has appeared in every major magic publication and in the books of Paul Harris, John Born, Peter Duffie, and others.Besides being an author and columnist (The Card Corner in the Linking Ring).
Mike has extensive experience in performing magic, especially in the restaurant/strolling arena. He has performed at the Society of American Magicians national convention and will be featured at the IBM national convention in 2016.
In 1993 Mike was invited to perform at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and to lecture at the Hollywood Day of Magic. In 2019 Mike will be the guest of honor at the prestigious 4F Convention (Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic) in Batavia NY.
Mike’s lecture will start at 6:30 PM at Springdale Nazarene Church in Room 303.  Take the elevator or stairs up!                                  

Upcoming Magic Events!
November 7-9 – Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick (I.C.B.M.) in Rocky Hill, Connecticut – Website:
November 7-9 – TRICS (Carolina Close-Up Convention) in Charlotte, NC –
November 10-12 – MINDvention in Las Vegas, Nevada –
November 15-16 – MAXX CENTRAL 2019: Columbus, OH.

Save the Date: Friday, December 6th – IBM Holiday Party!
Our Annual Holiday party will be held on Friday, December 6th at the Springdale Nazarene Church.  It will once again be catered with entertainment! We have three fantastic entertainers  for you! I know that you haven’t seen these magicians perform in years – the show is going to be great!
Entertainers appearing on the Holiday Party Show:
David Hennig:
For over 35 years, DAVID HENNIG has performed has amazed audiences of children and families all over Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky!
 Using amazing MAGIC, captivating MUSIC, side-splitting COMEDY, and a healthy dose of AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, the audience is fully engaged and entertained.
For the last 15+ years, DAVID HENNIG has performed as the MAGICIAN WITH A MISSION in SCHOOLS and LIBRARIES with educational programs containing important messages on a VARIETY OF TOPICS.

Steve Faris:
Steve has performed in a variety of venues: TV, festivals, cruises, libraries, schools, street fairs, stage, and the 1982 World’s Fair.
Since about the age of 10, Steve has been obsessed with magic. From this young age, he read books on magic and sought to understand it through any means to which he had access, including TV and movies. Later on, he bought tricks and played with them constantly, otherwise known as practice.
These six decades later, he still performs with great enthusiasm. It’s obvious when watching Steve perform that he is having just as much fun as the audience. He is very interactive with his audience and tunes in to all remarks, most of which are immediately incorporated into his act.
Faris is also a historian. He collects books, props, posters, tricks, biographies and experiences of magic.
Steve also rarely performs for other magicians.  If you haven’t seen him, you’ll want to be sure to attend.  If you have seen him, I know you will want to see him again.

Chuck Sunshine:
Since 1964, Chuck has been involved in many aspects of mathematics education. From 1964 to 1994, he taught high school and junior high school mathematics; teaching a wide range of courses from General Math to Advanced Placement Calculus. Throughout his teaching career he presented at regional and national conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Since 1994, he has been an educational consultant for numerous school districts throughout the United States and Canada. Lately, he has been presenting keynote addresses for math teachers’ organizations throughout North America.
In addition, Chuck is an accomplished magician specializing in sleight of hand. For more than 40 years, his magic and comedy have been the highlight event for many companies and groups throughout the United States and Canada.
Chuck has probably the funniest magician living in the tri-state area.  If you haven’t had the chance to see him perform, you are in for a holiday treat!  If you have seen Chuck perform, I know you don’t want to miss it again!
  Chuck is going to perform his “Donut on Rope” – if you know it, you’ll be there; if you don’t know it, you need to be there!!!

    ASSORTED CAKES FOR DESSERT (Carrot, Apple, Spice, Chocolate)
    $15 for adults
    $10 for children 12 and under 
    5:30 – 6:30 Socialize, Close-up performers
    6:30 – 7:15 Dinner
    7:15 – 8:30 Magic Show 
    8:30 – 9:00 Clean-up, Socialize
This is a great price for Dinner and Entertainment!  Please send your reservations to Mark Wiechman, 6791 Marvin Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224-1141.
As we have to give a count to the caterer, all reservations should be in by November 30th.  

I.B.M. 2020 Convention-Pittsburgh, PA
 Come join us at the beautiful Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Hotel in Pennsylvania for the 2020 I.B.M. Convention July 8-11.
Make your reservation at the special group rates by CLICKING HERE
You can also call and book with the Wyndham directly at: (877) 999-3223. Be sure and tell them you are part of the International Brotherhood of Magicians group, in order to get the negotiated convention rate.
Sophisticated Style – Enjoy stylish accommodations, and an indoor pool at an incredible location, where Pittsburgh’s famed three rivers meet soaring skyscrapers.The Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown awaits to offer you an inspired experience in the heart of the city. They are located in easy walking distance of Heinz Field, the Cultural District, and more than 80 restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and shopping.Take in spectacular views of Point State Park as you relax by the indoor swimming pool, or soak in the jacuzzi. Energize in the 24/7 fitness center with views of downtown, or explore classic flavors of Pittsburgh at the onsite upscale 3 Rivers Restaurant and Lounge.

Respectfully submitted,
Lori Arkin
Ring #71 Secretary
IBM Ring #71 Officers
2019-2020 President: Charlie Meyer (aka Charlie Cadabra)
Vice-President: Larry Payne
TreasurerMark Wiechman
SecretaryLori Arkin
Sgt. at ArmsPatrick Thernes
Board of Governors Ed Arnold, Rick Gaffney (Term Expires 2020), Bob Hedlesten, Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson (Term Expires 2021)
Good and Welfare: Mark Wiechman

Immediate Past President: Pat Hartzel

Eaton, OH Magic Auction – October 12 & 13

Auctioning 3 magician’s estates!
Here is a link to photos of SOME of the auction items.
There is plenty of free parking. Food and drinks are available.
Cost for a paddle to bid is only $5.
There are NO buyer premiums paid by the buyer.

Preble County Auction Gallery, 210 Nation Avenue, Eaton, Ohio 45320

Preview of auction items: Friday, October 11th: 11:00 am – 6:00 PM.

Saturday, October 12th: Starting at 10:00 am.
Sunday, October 13th:  Starting at 10:00 am.

Terms:  Cash, in state checks, Paypal, or credit card with 4% clerk charge

Count Marco’s Haunted Castle Returns – Oct 29, 30, 31.

Mark Weichman, a long time Ring #71 member puts on a Halloween Castle display annually. He is celebrating their 57-year for the display. I have seen it in years past and it is impressive and fun!

It takes “Count Marco” and his team 3+ weeks to get the Haunted Castle set up! Yes, it’s that large and well worth making an effort to see it this Halloween season!

Mark your calendar’s now for October 29, 30, 31. The display is open from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. The address is 3456 Crooked Tree Dr, Mason, OH 45040.

Donations made at the Haunted Castle benefit the “Pray Hope Believe Foundation” and the “Shine Like Sable Foundation”.

Wednesday, October 30th Meeting Announcement – Family Friendly Halloween Magic

 October Meeting Schedule:

  • 5:30 – 6:30 Arrive and get set up (Show Performers and Officers Only)
  • Ring members should arrive in time for the first show at 6:30.
  • 6:30 – 6:55 Show #1 with Performers #1 and #2
  • 7:00 – 7:25 Show #2 with Performers #3 and #4
  • 7:30 – 9:00 Ring 71 meeting

The church has half of the kids take a Hayride, while the other half is inside for Halloween activities.  Then the children switch places – which is why we have two shows.  The Ring will have four performers be part of the Halloween activities inside for the children and families attending.  If it rains that night, then all of the activities will be indoors.

The shows will be on a stage, with a sound system and plenty of comfortable seating for everyone attending.  We will be in the children’s area on the lower floor.  There is an elevator to get between floors.

During the meeting portion after the shows, we will ask three people to provide feedback for a performer, so a total of 12 members will provide feedback to the 4 performers.  Each reviewer provides feedback for only one of the performers. (4 magicians x 3 reviewers = 12 different reviewers).

Also, during the meeting portion, I’d like to encourage you to perform a “Halloween” trick – please, don’t tell you don’t have one – ‘cuz I know you do!  Anything with spirits, ghosts, haunted, skeletons, pumpkins, poltergeist, writing, and so much more are all “Halloween-ish”.

Everyone attending the shows and meeting will be eligible for a door prize (a platform magic trick) with a retail value of $55.

Trevor Duffy Lecture Review

Trevor Duffy lectured for I.B.M. Ring #71.  His lecture was full of magic that was commercial, easy to perform and with a nice variety of effects.  It’s clear that Trevor performs regularly for lay audiences.  The routines were all well thought out, had nice touches, clear premises and surprise endings.

The card routines were varied and entertaining.  The coin routines did not use gimmicked coins and were easy to follow.  The magic tricks included a range of skills from self-working to intermediate sleight of hand.  There were no “knuckle buster” moves or sleight.  His “Magic Blood Trick” was a fun interlude that will take your helper and the audience by surprise.  Trevor’s “Smoke Pro” creates delightful moments in the show.

Trevor did an excellent job of not just explaining the routines, but also the “whys” of routine.  The “whys” included his thought process, psychology, performance tips, and misdirection.

The reviews of his lecture by the attendees were excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the tricks, routines, and presentations.  And, the feedback consistently said that the tricks were ones that the attendees can perform themselves.  What more could you ask from a lecturer?

Trevor Duffy Lecture – Saturday, Sept 21

Trevor Duffy is an award-winning comedy magician and entertainer residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has performed professionally for the past 25 years.

Trevor has developed a unique blend of comedy and magic. His lecture encompasses Close up and Parlor shows – magic with coins, banknotes, thin cards, regular cards, and utility devices. He shares the secrets and then his thought process behind the scenes. Laws of human nature are also woven into his methodology, all and all making for an extremely user-friendly and practical lecture.

Furthermore, he discusses experienced insights and methods for keeping oneself motivated and driven. He talks about the value of using affirmations and positive thinking in order to achieve the best in life.

From Trevor:

Here following is a more in-depth view of what is entailed in my current ‘Negotiating the Barriers’ Lecture.  As mentioned in the synopsis,  my performance entails using coins, banknotes, cards, thin cards, and utility devices.  Cards are not a huge part of the lecture – purposefully.

lectures for magicians by Trevor Duffy 3

Rather, I have woven in a lot more of other material.  My use of clothing for instance, as a utility device, is extremely fascinating and very useful.

There are some ‘more on the serious side’ topics of the lecture and then there are other more humorous aspects, with some good laughs.

With many of the routines, I also talk about the psychology behind ‘why I do what I do’.  An example of this is when I do the ‘Double your Money’ routine.  My thinking is based on the law of Reciprocity, which is explained in detail and as to why it is such an effective routine.  I talk about ‘thinking more deeply’ with our magic and how crucial this is.  An example is presented which leaves the audience without any clue as to how things could have worked.

In the second half of the lecture, along with more magic, I discuss and share how important positive thinking is and how this is so connected to our own success.  If I have time, I talk about my unique method for practice.

I guarantee an evening with much to learn and think about, no matter what style of magic people perform.  Much of what I talk about, can be merged into whoever we are, as magical entertainers.

To conclude, whilst there are some sleight-of-hand techniques used in my lecture and which I teach, it is very ‘user-friendly’.   Most people will be able to learn what I teach and I guarantee that everyone will leave the lecture inspired.

Admission is FREE for IBM Ring #71 members. Guest fee is only $15.