APRIL MEETING – Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM.

This is the link to join the meeting:
Ring 71 – Cincinnati, OH – April 23 Monthly meeting

There are also some helpful tutorial videos on the link.  It will ask you to download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it loaded on your device.  So if you haven’t been on a Zoom video conference before, I recommend that you join through the link above about 10 minutes early so you will be set up when the meeting starts.

Business Meeting (15 minutes max)
    Video conference DO’s and DON’T ‘s. (General rules, see below.)
    Current meeting plans for Ring #71 through July.
    Election plans for the May meeting.
    Anything you want to bring up that is Ring #71 business-related.

You Never Know Who Will Show Up
The National I.B.M. has been providing guest speakers for these video conferences.  I have been on two calls for two different Rings over the last 2 weeks.  There has been a wonderful special guest on each one, that either taught some tricks (lectured, but not a “full lecture”) or discussed their work in detail and answered questions.  Both guest speakers were highly entertaining and educational.  So there is no guarantee, but I’m going to assume that we will have a guest speaker for our video conference.

Sir-Patrick, Greg Hamilton, and Charlie Cadabra plan on teaching a trick on this video conference instead.
Charlie is going to perform and teach a trick that requires you to have a deck of cards (full 52 cards, no jokers) that you will be able to do without handling the cards yourself!  So please be prepared with a deck for the video conference.  I think you’ll like this one. If you want to teach a trick, you are welcom to join in!

It’s Your Turn: Share something
Break out your close-up pad, adjust your camera, check your mic, and share something with the Ring members.  It can be a polished routine, a sleight you are learning, something new, something old.  Surely since you’ve probably been sitting at home for over a month now, you have something to share.
Video Conference DO’s and DON’T’s:FYI – After the Dayton Ring 5 video conference, Mike pointed out some helpful tips to follow during a video conference. These are great “rules” to make the video conference run smoothly.

  1. Names –    Please key in your name (not initials/email address) when you enter the video conference.
  2. Cameras – Please don’t sit so that the camera is pointing into the light or you get washed out.
  3. Mics –        Please don’t have your speakers pointing at your microphone, or there will be feedback/echo.
  4. Mute –        Please put your microphone on mute unless you are asked to talk/present, or are answering questions.  NOTE: Some mics do not have noise gate capability and every sound you make is picked up and transmitted – so it interrupts the flow of the person talking/performing.
  5. Chat –       There is a chat button where you can enter comments that everyone can see when someone else is talking or presenting, so you don’t have to interrupt the person talking/presenting.


May 21 (Thursday at 7:00 PM) – Mentalism & Meatballs
– This will be our election night.  Officers will be sworn in at the June Picnic.
– The theme will be Mentalism.
– We will have some Mentalism tricks taught and everyone will have a chance to share something.
– Closer to the date, we’ll let everyone know if we are having a meeting or a video conference.

June 20 (Saturday at 1:00 PM) – Klosterman Mill Visit
– This could be the last chance to tour the Kosterman Mill in Georgetown.   
– The attendees last year raved about the Mill, the food and had a great time.
– Chris Philpot (100th Monkey) fame is our planned lecturer.
More details about his lecture closer to the date.   
– Yes, there will be plenty of food and time to tour the Mill in addition to the lecturer.

July 18 (Saturday at 1:00 PM) – Summer Picnic at Westermeyer’s
– The picnic at Don’s home (mansion) last year was wonderful.
– Astor is our planned lecturer this year.
He is from Hungary and has many great, easy-to-do tricks in his lecture.
  More details about his lecture closer to the date.
– Once again, we’ll have picnic food (burgers, dogs, etc).

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