The Zig Zag Newsletter – January, 2020

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Magi,

I believe that our Holiday Dinner was wonderful!  The food was plentiful and good; the entertainment varied and fantastic.  I special “THANK YOU” to Mark, Greg, Sherry and Ron for their “above and beyond” help with setting up the room, decorating and getting extra drinks.  Also,  a big “THANK YOU” to everyone (too many to list) that helped with the clean-up! The entertainers – Steve Faris, Chuck Sunshine (Sonenshein) and David Hennig did a superb job of entertaining the attendees.
For the January, February and March meetings, we are requesting three volunteers who will perform a trick or a whole routine (12-minute limit) at the meetings.  If you would like to volunteers to perform at any one (or two or all three) of the meetings, email me at
Three audience members will be selected at the start to provide comments/feedback.     Three  performers x three feedback providers = 9 audience members to give feedback.  The reason for three giving feedback is to keep the time down.  Others can certainly talk with the performers later that were not selected to provide feedback.
This isn’t a contest, there is no “judging” and the performers can bring in well-rounded routines or “works in progress.”  The whole idea is to be a large brainstorming group that supports the Ring’s members at the meetings.  In that way, we all learn from each other and become better performers.
As always, the Ring officers want your suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and feedback (good and bad). Please email me or contact one of the Ring officers so we can continuously improve the meetings and provide value to everyone in the Ring.

EMAIL Address to use:

Dues form-click here!  

Meeting location:
Springdale Nazarene Church
11177 Springfield Pike (Rt. 4)
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(One Mile South of I-275)

Thursday, January 23rd – Pizza & Magic!


The January meeting has historically been “close-up magic.”  That is our plan for this year too!  Please plan to bring a “close-up” trick or tricks to perform – you don’t have to volunteer in advance to bring something to perform.  If you are interested in teaching a mini-lecture, please email Charlie  ASAP.  Then he can ensure that we don’t have multiple magicians planning to teach the same trick(s).  There will be a close-up magic trick as a door prize with a retail value of $35.  You get a door prize ticket for attending, one for giving a mini-lecture, and another for performing.  You do not have to teach the trick(s) you perform.

Thursday, February 27th: War of the Wizards tryouts and Platform Magic


We will use the February Ring meeting to preview possible acts and decide which acts will be included in the contest for Ring 71.  Please email Charlie ( if you would like to try out for the WOW Contest.  Note: We will need to have THREE acts selected in case one of the acts is not able to attend the contest.

Please bring something to share preferably stage, but can be anything.  You do NOT have to be trying out if you would like to perform your trick at the meeting.

Contest held at:    Bethlehem Lutheran Church Auditorium,
                                  212 South Broad Street, Middletown, Ohio  45044
                                  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm          
Admission: $5.00 per person
There will be a 10 – 15 minute intermission after the first 3 acts.
Profits will be split evenly between the three Rings (Dayton, Middletown and Cincinnati). Each of the three rings will have two acts to represent them.
Acts are to be 8 – 12 minutes long. Acts over 12 minutes will be eliminated from the contest and points will not be awarded to the competing Ring.
Order of acts will be determined by drawing lots (1 – 6) on day of contest.
Each performer’s intro will only include their name, how long they have been performing, and what types of shows they perform.  No location or Ring information will be shared in the introduction – that way all of the performers are on an equal level to the audience. Unlike most contests, EVERYONE in the audience will be allowed one vote for their favorite performer/act as they exit.  (There will NOT be any scoring sheets.) The Ring with the most total votes wins the WOW contest!

 March 12-14th-Winter Carnival of Magic-Pigeon Forge

Performers/Lecturers Information

Year after year, the Winter Carnival of Magic has brought some of the greatest magicians to East Tennessee to perform and lecture. Past performers have included Jeff McBride, Oscar Muñoz, Pop Haydn, Losander, Joshua Jay, The Pendragons, Aldo Columbini, Arthur Trace, Terry Evanswood, Duane Laflin, Gene Anderson, Shawn Farquhar, and a long list of others.

The following performers/lecturers have been booked for the 2020 Winter Carnival of Magic: Kyle & Mistie Knight, Jania Taylor, Master Payne, Matthew David Stanley, Andrew Remnet, Joe Rindfleisch, Ben Young, Brandon Baggett, and Kyle Marlett.  for more information!

 Thursday, March 26th: Mentalism and Meatballs


Stay tuned for more information!

Thursday, April 16th: Mark Leveridge Lecture


Mark is a full time professional magician, dealer and author with a wide performing experience gained over many years as an entertainer.

In Britain he has presented close up magic at many venues around the country, his engagements including business functions, private dinners/parties plus a number of extended periods performing in restaurants and hotels for groups such as Trust House Forte and Leisure Inns.

Mark has presented his lectures at nearly every Society in the country and has appeared on the bill at most of the major conventions including the IBM, Blackpool and Macmillan London Conventions.

Abroad Mark has entertained and lectured several times in Europe, including engagements in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, plus has lectured in Australia and Singapore as well as many times visited the United States, appearing at both the IBM, SAM (twice), the 4F’s and Abbott’s Conventions and performing and lecturing at venues in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Colombus, Baltimore, Louisville, Salt Lake City and on board the Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, California to name just a few.

In the magic world Mark is well known as an author, inventor and lecturer on close up, children’s and mental magic, his creations, sold by his mail order company Mark Leveridge Magic, being used by magicians from all over the world.

Mark has written several books, mainly concentrating on close up, but his two biggest works to date are THE COMPLETE MAGIC PARTY, concentrating on performing games and magic at children’s parties, and THE STROLLING MAGICIAN, a highly detailed book on working commercial strolling magic. Mark has also submitted many items for inclusion in magic magazines such as Genii, M-U-M, Magic Manuscript, The Budget, Linking Ring, The Conjuror and Abracadabra. 

Mark has won several competitions for close up magic including, in 1981, the prestigious Zina Bennett Trophy, the all comers competition for close up magic organised by the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Mark is a member of the Magic Circle in London where he is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Mark also has six television appearances to his credit to date.
Mark loves to organise events and over the years has been successful in staging and sponsoring a number of different ones including the well known British Close Up Magic Symposium (which ran for 16 years), plus other smaller occasions such as ImagE (a day of workshops), The Commercial Close Up Forum (a day of advice and interaction with pro magicians) and more.

Mark also provides extensive online help, advice and training for magicians of all standards through the medium of his online club and information resource the E-Club. With members all over the world, this monthly updated Members’ Only website features many hundreds of pages of content, most of it video, which aims to support, advise and enthuse everyone from amateurs to full time professional magicians. With all the content being updated fully on the first of every month and all the material drawing on Mark’s 35+ years of full time professional experience, E-Club Pro and E-Club Elite have proved to be a popular and trusted resource.

Since March 2005, Mark has also been the Editor of Magicseen, a full colour independent glossy magic magazine which features personalities, news, tricks and a whole range of interesting articles on magicians from the UK and beyond. With subscribers worldwide and many more magicians who purchase their copies from magic dealers or through Magicseen’s US distribution partner, this bi-monthly magazine has quickly established itself as a firm favourite with readers. The magazine is also available as an instant .pdf download from the Magicseen website which can be found at

May: Ferràn Rizo & Nataly Machado Lecture

Ferràn Rizo is a full time Spanish magic professional who has previously unveiled his magic secrets to the European community. He has lectured at the top Magic Circles in Spain and conventions such as SEI and CIMAPS. Ferràn and his wife Nataly are both teachers at the Juan Tamariz School. They have toured the UK several times in addition to several other venues across Europe with great success.

Ferràn has written and edited four books on his magic, and a fifth one about the magic of Penguin and Magic Castle lecturer Alberto de Figueiredo. He has just finished a new history book about the life and magic of Frakson. He is now writing his latest book that will be released during the USA tour. He has also written several Magic articles for Spanish Magazines.

With his wife Nataly, they have created several stage-shows that have been presented in Spain and other venues across Europe. They have developed their own retro style, which combines art, dance, and Magic. Together they have conceived a national Convention in Spain. Ferràn has traveled to the most significant cities in Spain and across Europe with his close-up magic show hailed by audiences as elegant, classic and magical. He has a vast experience on TV with special appearances in several different TV shows. Ferràn and Nataly also have their own TV show called “Increíble pero Magia.” 

Now, Ferràn is going to tour the USA with his latest Magic and new inventions. This is a unique chance to enjoy and learn the classic and modern Magic of Ferràn Rizo. There are secrets suitable for all skill levels of magician taken from his professional shows.

What’s Included in the lecture?
This is a two-hour lecture, full of practical close-up magic with cards, coins, cups, a pad and a piece of paper. There is a bit of everything, and there is something for everyone at any skill level. The tricks presented in the lecture are taken from his own professional act, so it is practical magic at its very best, tried and tested over the years.

Some of the tricks will be performed by Nataly Machado. She is an all-round artist that has studied theatre, music, and dance and put all her skills at the service of Magic. She has worked on stage and as a close-up magician and as a co-star in the TV show “Increíble Pero Magia.” She has also lectured in the UK and at the Magic Castle. This is a unique lecture full of new and original ideas.

Decreasing Deck and Card-Case: This effect was a complete sell-out success on Ferràn’s latest UK tour. He has now remanufactured it and improved the trick further. The magician clearly takes the cards from a card-case and at his command, the complete deck shrinks into a mini-deck. The transformation takes place in full view of the audience and at the end of the routine, the deck which has shrunk into a mini one, now ts inside the mini card-case.

Naton: This trick will be revealed for the first very time to US magicians. The magician writes a prediction onto a pad, and then the spectator takes a card. When the magician reveals the pad, it represents the face-down card, claiming that it is the chosen card. Then the magician makes a magic movement and draws a card, which becomes a real card, showing that it is the selected card. To finish, the magician places the card into the pad, this time face-up and it becomes a real drawing. The magician can then tear the page from the pad and hand to the spectator as a souvenir.

The Three Powers: In this trick, three coins clearly disappear from the magician’s hands and travel to inside an empty purse. In the end, when all the powers mix together, the magician makes the coins disappear from inside the purse and into the spectator’s hands. A very powerful trick for your audience.

My Cup: This is Ferràn Rizo’s version of a classic. It is his signature piece, that has amazed magicians from all over Europe. When you learn this routine, you will have a powerful and magical piece on your hands that will even fool magicians. Spectators and audiences will be able to clearly see all the movements but not how the trick is done. This routine also ends with an unexpected climax.

The Phoenix Paper: This is a Ferràn classic, performed in his professional shows. He takes a piece of paper, which was has handed to a spectator for inspection, tears it into small pieces and rolls them up into a ball. He then pierces the paper ball with a pin and sets the paper alight. In a ash, it is instantly shown to be restored into a complete piece of paper. The magician’s hands can be shown clearly empty until the last moment. A fantastic and visually dramatic opener.

The Storm: In this trick, you will be able to make your audience participate in a small miracle. Your spectators will become actors and extras in a theatre play. The first actor, represented by a card will be immersed in the vastness of the deck that represents the sea. Suddenly a storm will render the card in danger, but the magician will make it disappear and reappear inside a box that was shown to be empty at the beginning of the trick.

The Nature Box 2.0: This is a handmade wooden box that was created originally to perform the card to the box plot. But soon, Ferràn developed new ideas which lets you perform several different tricks, magic with cards, coins, banknotes, keys, and predictions. In his version of The Card to The Box plot, you will be able to show the box entirely empty at the beginning of the trick and make a real card appear inside. You will also learn several other different and magical effects

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