Pizza & Close-up Magic – Thursday, January 23rd

Come to the Springdale Nazarene Church  to  enjoy Pizza and Close-up Magic!   The church is located at 11177 Springdale Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45236. Business meeting starts at 6:30 pm.  Regular meeting starts at 7 pm. Map to Church 
A Message from President Charlie!
REMINDER – Thursday, January 23, 2020 will be out January Ring meeting.  The theme is “Pizza and Close-Up Magic.”  The January Ring meetings have historically been devoted to Close-Up Magic and will be again this year.  Years ago, we met at Corky’s Pizza near Kings Island.  They have moved since then.  So the Ring is bringing pizza to our regular meeting location (Springdale Nazarene Church, 11177 Springfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246 [Rt. 4 south of I-275]) We have a great meeting planned for everyone. 
There will be four Teach-A-Trick performers:
1.  Chuck Arkin will perform and teach an updated version of a Bill Pryor classic.  He wowed the magicians at the recent IBMJAM in Pittsburg with this routine.  Chuck will also provide the “where with all” you need to perform this stunner.
2.  Greg Hamilton will perform and teach a trick.  He hasn’t shared the routine with me yet, but I know it will be great.  And I believe it will not be a card trick!
3.  Ron Lawson will perform and teach both a card trick and a trick with money.  I have seen both of these and can attest to the fact that they are BOTH foolers and easy to do.
4.  Cheatin’ Charlie will perform and teach an 8 card lie detector trick that I guarantee will fool you.  You will want to learn this easy-to-do trick! 
The rest of the meeting will be devoted to YOU and the close-up trick(s) that YOU bring to perform.  You do NOT have to teach the trick – that is entirely up to you.  It can be anything from something you perform frequently (polished); to something you are working on (learning); to something that you are having trouble with the moves or understand the instructions (need/want help).  The intent is to share and to help everyone improve with ideas and feedback.

The officers/board will meet at 6:30 to discuss the upcoming year. 
The meeting will kick off at precisely 7:00 PM.

AND, there will be a couple of door prizes:
(Every paid-up I.B.M. Ring 71 member who attends gets one ticket for the drawing.   Everyone who performs a trick also gets one ticket for the drawing.)
#1 – I Hate Card Tricks by Stephen Bargatze (DVD + Gimmicks-2 Phoenix Decks) – $35 Retail price. A real magician fooler! It’s the effect to close your close up set! 
#2 – A vintage Newspaper Dove Vanish – Retail “Priceless”. This can be used to vanish anything the size of a dove.

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