Trevor Duffy Lecture Review

Trevor Duffy lectured for I.B.M. Ring #71.  His lecture was full of magic that was commercial, easy to perform and with a nice variety of effects.  It’s clear that Trevor performs regularly for lay audiences.  The routines were all well thought out, had nice touches, clear premises and surprise endings.

The card routines were varied and entertaining.  The coin routines did not use gimmicked coins and were easy to follow.  The magic tricks included a range of skills from self-working to intermediate sleight of hand.  There were no “knuckle buster” moves or sleight.  His “Magic Blood Trick” was a fun interlude that will take your helper and the audience by surprise.  Trevor’s “Smoke Pro” creates delightful moments in the show.

Trevor did an excellent job of not just explaining the routines, but also the “whys” of routine.  The “whys” included his thought process, psychology, performance tips, and misdirection.

The reviews of his lecture by the attendees were excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the tricks, routines, and presentations.  And, the feedback consistently said that the tricks were ones that the attendees can perform themselves.  What more could you ask from a lecturer?

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