Zig Zag Prez Message & Klosterman Mill Visit


Dear Fellow Magi,
The picnic was a lot of fun!  Don Westermeyer’s home (mansion) was a wonderful place for the picnic!  You missed a lot of fun if you didn’t attend – Dameon (Hal Meyers) did an excellent magic lecture; Susan Payne lead the charge to throw Larry into the pond; Chuck Arkin had magic worth about $6,000 for sale at the flea market (that he is now planning to donate to the IBM); and Don gave out gold bars as presents when we left.  You really, really should have been there…
Unfortunately, Pat Hartzel was in the hospital and unable to attend the picnic.  He was out just in time to attend the Board Meeting.  He is recovering at home.  Denny Metz was not able to attend the picnic because he was a having gall bladder issue.  I haven’t been updated about Denny’s status, but I’m hoping he’s back up-and-around.  Please keep both Pat and Denny in your thoughts, heart, and prayers.
As our wonderful scribe (Lori) has written, we also had our first Board Meeting.  Not as much fun as the picnic and Larry stayed dry this time. We did exchange a lot of ideas and have a basic plan for the meeting through January 2020.  The Board and I want to try some different things this year at the meetings.  More about that later.  Please let me know what you like and what you didn’t like after the upcoming meetings.
The highlights of the questionnaire responses, in descending order of importance.
What is liked?

  • Drawing for a trick/DVD
  • Teach-a-Trick
  • Magic Performed by members
  • Lectures
  • Help session with tricks/routines
  • Snacks/drinks
  • Summer Picnic
  • Public Show by the club.

What is NOT liked?

  • Contests
  • Teach-a-Trick
  • Performing
  • Business Meetings

Yes, there is some overlay – but that is to be expected.  Not all of the I.B.M. members want to perform/teach for other magicians or the public, but they do enjoy watching and learning tricks.
Talk to me in person at the meetings, send me an email, call me.  No, we can’t please everyone.  But if you do NOT communicate your concerns, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, then we won’t know what is working and what is not working.
We are also going to look for more ways to communicate with the club members, through Social Media, the website and emails.

Trip to The Mill-Saturday, July 27th

Save the date!  More information will be sent out soon!

The Klosterman Mill tour in Georgetown, Ohio, will be on Saturday,  July 27th from noon to 6:00 PM.

  • The plan is to carpool.  Details will be announced later.
  • There will be food and drink.
  • Charlie Meyer will be going early to help setup / prep for the visit/tour. If you are interested in going early with Charlie, please let him know – 513-702-4400.  (Early arrivals without Charlie are NOT permitted.)
  • If anyone is interested in performing at the Mill (there is a stage with theater seating), please let Charlie or Lori know ASAP.  The performances will be videotaped and each performer will get a copy.
  • The Mill is not air-conditioned.  There will be fans, but it’s going to be hot in July.
  • The is a small elevator at the Mill to go between floors.

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