I.B.M. Summer Picnic – June 9

Our June meeting was held on Sunday, June 9th, when we had our Annual Picnic and a lecture by Hal Meyers (aka Dameon).  Our venue this year was at the home of Donald and Dy Westermeyer, who were very gracious and accommodating hosts!  Several members had high-quality items for sale for the flea market. Snacks and dessert were also provided, and the drinks were flowing!  The rain held off, and many decided to enjoy the outdoor breeze on the deck by the pond. Jack’s Catering once again provided a great lunch, and as usual, there was plenty of leftovers to divide up among the members for them to take home!
After our lunch, TVP Ron Frank started the meeting by greeting the guests and inducting all the newly-elected officers and giving the past board members certificates of appreciation from the Ring.  President Charlie Meyer then made announcements about the questionnaire, asking those in attendance who had not filled one out to please do so.
Dameon then took the floor and gave us some background on his magic career.  He had all of the lecture attendees pick up a paper bag before the lecture, and then fill the bag with balls, cards, rope, etc. that would be used in his “hands on-back to the basics” lecture. The first part of his lecture was on ropes.   He showed us how to make a vanishing knot, shoelace knot and a jumbo version of a ring and string routing which turned into a  hula hoop and rope.
The second teaching segment was on balls. Dameon showed everyone how to do basic rolls and flourishes, change the ball colors, and how to palm the balls.  Next up was the segment of cards. He demonstrated how to make a card rise, back-palming, card manipulation, and flourishes.  With the thimble segment, basic thimble moves were taught, as well as how to do color-changing thimbles and making the thimbles jump.  The segment on doves was next.  Dameon explained about loading doves and doves harnesses. Dameon also shared his knowledge that he gained from years of experience on setting up an act, and what items to always bring to every performance (tape, rubber bands, scissors, markers, etc.).
Dameon took the time to walk around the room and assist audience members were needed for each part of his teaching lecture. Everyone got to keep their bag with the items to practice.
It was great to see everyone!  A good time was had by all!

IBM Ring 71 summer picnic attendees. 

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