Board Meeting – June 15

Charlie Meyer started the meeting off by providing each member with a copy of the survey results from surveys turned in at the May meeting and the June Picnic.

Discussed were options for meeting locations, activities, and preferences, as well as suggestions made by members.

  • It was agreed that the club should change it’s meeting night to a Thursday night.
  • A Lecture Committee was formed, consisting of Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson and Pat Thernes to seek out and review potential lecturers on the quality of their lectures.
  • A Membership committee was formed to work on membership retention and engagement. The members of this committee are Mark Wiechman, Larry Payne, and Charlie Meyer. Swag bags for new members was also suggested.
  • A committee was also formed for the purpose of bringing in more youth to the Ring. A Youth Scholarship could be awarded by having a youth perform magic at meetings.  The Youth Scholarship Committee is composed of Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson, and Mark Wiechman.
  • Suggestions for new meeting format included having the business meeting at 6:30 pm., with new business being brought up only in the business meeting.  The meeting would then start at 7:00 PM with 10-15 minutes of announcements, followed by the scheduled activities.
  • Possibilities for pre-meeting activities include Teach-a-Trick, History of Magic and/or Product Reviews.
  • Other possibilities include bringing back the raffle, door prize or a “split the pot”.
  • As meeting feedback is important, comment sheets will be distributed at the end of each meeting for board members to review.

Discussed meeting schedule:

  • Saturday, September 21st at 7 pm. was confirmed for the Trevor Duffy lecture.
  • The November meeting will be Mike Powers lecture on November 14th.
  • The October meeting may be Halloween magic (kids/family friendly).  We are working on the possibility of performing the magic for kids and follow that with the meeting.
  • The December meeting (though usually dark in the past), would have the theme of Holiday tricks with food being served.  The tentative date for this is Saturday, December 7th.
  • The January meeting will be close-up performed by the club members.

The Board adjourned with the anticipation of getting the results from the new committees.

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