October 26th Devin Knight Lecturer


Devin Knight is regarded as one of magic’s most prolific inventors. He is also a highly sought after lecturer for both magicians and mentalists. Most of his effects are run-away best sellers and have received rave reviews. Devin was a protege of the late Al Mann and currently works as a full-time magician and mentalist.

Devin strives to create effects that not only fool magicians, but at the same time are easy to do. The majority of his effects rely more on clever ideas, rather than difficult sleights. This puts most of his effects within the skill range of most magicians.


With over 200 marketed items and multiple publications in both magic and mentalism, Devin Knight is regarded as one of magic’s most prolific inventors. Devin has been performing and creating magic his whole life. In fact, he was what you might term a child prodigy, with his innate ability to instantly know how virtually any effect was done, and then improve on it! Devin’s magic will fool you and when he tells you how it’s done, you’ll be delighted at its beautiful simplicity. He’s going to cover a ton powerful, practical, real-world mentalism and magic.

“The span of his thinking is unreal. Old ideas gleam anew. His memory work and his teaching are not to be missed. You need ideas in salesmanship, Devin knows. Publicity stunts – I’ve used his too. Each is a gem, but always with room to grow in your own hands.”- Marc Salem

“Devin Knight is a fine creator and longtime practitioner of mentalism. I’m looking forward to seeing his lecture and his approach to the art.” -Richard Osterlind

“Devin Knight is one of the best “out of the box” thinkers ever.” -Tom Craven


Psychic Money Sense- designed for an intimate close up show, this experiment apparently shows that a spectator has an excellent psychic sense as he achieves an impossible outcome using three pay envelopes and some ordinary coins.

Puzzle Mania- a brilliant routine which is perfect for children’s shows. Both the magician and then the birthday child, manage to correctly guess which pieces have been removed from a completed tray puzzle.

Aqua Coin Flight- a practical parlor routine. Three different value marked coins are dropped by a spectator into a tall thin glass of water and one is then selected. Without sleights or difficult moves, the MARKED coin vanishes from the glass and ends up inside a sealed envelope.

BLINDSIGHT OUTDONE- A version that fools those who know the original. A spectator correctly guesses the colors sealed in four envelopes. No gimmick markers.

KNOCKOUT Tossed Deck- new tossed out deck where 5 people peek at a card and each sits down one at a time as each card is revealed.

ASSISTANT’S TEST- A comedy warmup that always gets laughter from an audience as the magician explains a test he uses to hire assistants.

BREAKFAST MATCH- an amazing mental trick for kids using small packets of cereal.

COIN SPLIT- A quarter smashed on the table instantly changes to two dimes and nickel. A very visual effect. Hands shown empty before and after!

AUTO SPELL DECK- A spectator freely selects a card (no force) The card is pushed into the center of the deck. The magician gives the deck one cut and immediately spells to the card. Self-working. NO SKILL OR SLEIGHTS

CANDY TRICK- A great trick for kid shows, especially at Halloween. Two kids take an equal turn at removing candy from a bowl. Yet one child ends up with 5 pieces and the other 2 pieces. Baffling to an audience. Magician directs from a distance.

NTE- A card feat that can be done over the radio. The magician shows the audience how to program their deck into a SMART deck and proceeds to locate everyone’s chosen card over the radio. A great publicity stunt that will get you booked on radio shows.

BACKSTAGE MONTE- Magician explains how a simple flap monte is done, then proceeds to fool the audience with the same trick.

RUNNING FORCE- A superior force where a spectator stops the magician anywhere during a running cut. Yet, that card is forced without any sleights or slip cuts!!


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November 17th-Ring #71 Holiday Banquet

Our annual Holiday banquet is planned for Saturday, November 17th.  The banquet will be held at the North College Hill Senior Center, 1586 Goodman Ave, North College Hill, 45224.  Entertainment will be provided by Master Illusionist Phil Dalton and Jason the Great. The cost will be $25 for Magi and guests, $20 for children 12 and under, and  $15 for show only tickets.  Doors for the banquet open at 6:00 pm., with dinner being served at 6:30.  Doors re-open for the show only at 7:15 pm. with the show starting at 7:30 pm.  Payments can be mailed to Pat Hartzel, 1617 Marilyn Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45231 or Mark Wiechman, 6791 Marvin Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45244, or paid at the October meeting.  Reservations must be made by October 26th.  No walk-ins accepted.  October 26th is the last day to cancel any reservation, or you can have someone attend in your place


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