Ring 71—2018/2019 Season of Magic

The Zig Zag - an official publication of IBM Ring 71

August   2018
President’s Message


Dear Magi,

The officers and board members met on July 28th to plan out the upcoming year. I would like to thank all the members that attended! A lot of great ideas were introduced to be considered. We are all working together to create another great fun-filled line up for the upcoming 2018-2019 year! The final details on most activities are still being arranged, but you can look forward to four lectures, the annual holiday banquet,  a close up contest, auction, a picnic with children invited and one event to be decided.

We have a place to meet for the remainder of this year and are still looking for a place to meet next starting year. Anyone with any with suggestions please let me or a board member know your thoughts. We felt that it would be best to find one place to meet rather than several. It is my hope to have this done by our first meeting, which is on September 21st.  7:00 p.m. Our new meeting place right now is:

North College Hill Senior Center (click here for map)
1586 Goodman Ave.
North College Hill 45224

Our  proposed activities for the year are:

September 21st 7:00 p.m. – Tom Craven, free for members guest $15.00
October 26th 7:00 p.m. – Devin Knight, free for members guest $15.00
November 17th – Banquet
December – no meeting
January 25th – Close up contest
February 22nd – lecture
March 22nd TBA
April27th – auction
May 24th – lecture
June 9th – picnic
July – no meeting
August -no meeting

If you have not yet done so, please open the PDF link below to fill out and mail in your dues for the new year.


With magic,


Pat Hartzel

Dues Renewal Form-PDF

Upcoming events-September 21st-Tom Craven                                                               

For those of you who may not know Tom, here are a few highlights from his (almost) 50 years in magic.

  • First person to receive the “Spirit Of Magi-Fest” Award, Columbus Ohio
  •  One of only two people to have attended all 41 of the Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic (F.F.F.F.) Conventions
  • Guest Of Honor F.F.F.F. in 1987
  • 10 time winner of the IBM Ring #2 “Magician Of The Year”
  • Trade Show Worker Full Time, 1977-1984
  • Worked the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle 1981, 1985, 1989, 2009, 2010
  • Worked the Parlor at the Magic Castle 2011

Tom has been a magician for nearly 50 years.  He has performed a number of times at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle, as well as taught magic at Akron University, Polk Community College and Maplewood Joint Vocational School. He has written numerous articles for magic magazines and even has his own monthly column in “The Linking Ring”.  Tom also lectures all over the United States and Canada to the magic fraternity.


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