Cody Nottingham Lecture

Friday, March 23rd-Lecture by Cody Nottingham

Our 7pm. meeting at KT Magic will be a lecture by Cody Nottingham.

Those of you who’ve heard the name Cody Nottingham know the kind of visual, hard-hitting magic he delivers. From his break-out successes with “Changes”, “Shake”, and “Code Red”, Cody brings an onslaught of routines, moves, and magic concepts in his first-ever lecture here with us At The Table! Here’s what you’ll learn:

Ring Penetration: A gimmickless ring-penetration effect that starts on the finger of one hand, and ends up on the finger on your other hand.

Ring Through Shirt Penetration: A variation on the ring penetration where the ring travels through the fabric of your shirt.

Queens Assembly Routine: A gimmickless and impromptu routine where 4 Queens are placed onto 4 different packets of cards. One by one, the Queens in each packet disappear and finally reappear onto the final packet.

Dude Where’s Your Card?: A spectator chooses a card and loses it back into the pack. The magician now uses the Queens to find the spectator’s card.

Punched and Restored Bill: A spectator punches a hole in a bill. In a split second, the hole is gone!

Interchange: A utility switch device hidden in plain sight. Incredibly easy to build and even easier to use!

Top Card Tenkai: A move that gets a card that’s supposed to be lost in a pack into Tenkai palm position with one hand.

One Handed Card Switch: Inspired by the MacMillan Switch, this is a quick and mechanical card change with tons of potential uses.

Various Triumph: A chosen card is lost in a face-up and face-down deck. The magician fairly cleans up the face-up and face-down situation, but when the magician spreads the cards, the selected card is the only card reversed in the deck!

Cipher: A simple and devilishly clever bill serial number divination effect. It’s easy to perform and even easier to get great reactions.

TC Change: A visual color change of a vertical card in a horizontal deck.

Cody’s Queens: Cody’s version of Bill Goodwin’s “Queens.” A visually stunning piece of magic where Queens seem to disappear from the top of the pack into the middle of the deck.

Cody’s Pop Out Move: A selection pops out of a riffle and bridged deck.

Spread Split: A flourish that reveals and displays the middle card of a sandwich trick!

Admission for IBM Ring #71 members is FREE.   Guests are welcome and their entrance fee is $15.

“Shake” by Cody Nottingham

Saturday, April 28th at KT Magic-Magic Auction 

The Magic Auction returns to the Ring! Make sure to sign-up to sell by April 1st.  The first to signup will be Seller #1, the second will be Seller #2, and so forth.  Please provide a list of items for bid including a minimum price (if any), and a description of the item or items if you want to bundle a few for one price.

Example:  Item #1-$10 Sawing lady in half
Item #2-$15 Deck of cards, video, coin trick, multiplying balls
Item #3-no minimum  Dove vanish
Item #4-no minimum Zig-zag, rope trick, books, magic notes

Each seller will have to opportunity to list up to twenty items to be sold on the first round.   Sellers having more than twenty items will need to have a second list starting with items twenty-one and up to go on to round two.  Ten percent of the sales will benefit Ring #71.  There will be a $5.00 fee for a buyer’s number at the door.  Set up for dealers will start at 11 AM, with the Auction starting at noon.   Walk-in dealers on the day of the auction will not be accepted.   Please email your item list to Pat Hartzel, or call him with any questions.

Friday, May 25th-Lecture by Tom Vorjohan and Elections

Before our May 25th lecture, we will be having elections.  If you would like to serve on the board (three positions are up) or be an officer, please let  Mark Wiechman  know that you are interested.  The nominating committee will be putting forth their candidates for the 2018-2019 year.

KT Magic will then be hosting our lecture by none other than Tom Vorjohan.  More information to follow!

Sunday, June 10th-IBM/SAM Combined Picnic
Our annual combined picnic will be taking place on Sunday, June 10th. We are bringing back the “The War of the Wizards” contest, which is always a fun event!  The IBM is seeking performers to compete against the SAM.  Brush up on your routines and get ready to wow them so the IBM can bring home the win!  Please let President Pat Hartzel know you are ready to go for the gold!

The Ring is working out all the final details for the picnic. As soon as all is confirmed, we will let you know! 

Recap of Friday, February 23rd meeting-Close-up Contest

Ring #71 held its annual Close-up contest on February 23, 2018 before a nice crowd of magicians and guests.  President Pat Hartzel mentioned future events: Cody Nottingham lecture on March 23rd, Magic Auction on Saturday April 28th, Tom Vorjohan lecture and elections on May 25th, and IBM picnic on Sunday June 10th.  Chuck Arkin encouraged people to register for the 2018 IBM Convention, to be held in nearby Grand Rapids Michigan from July 4th to 7th.  Good and Welfare wishes and thanks were extended.

Contestants for the evening in order of appearance, were Chuck “Cheatin Charlie” Meyer, Chuck “Sunshine” Sonenshein, Greg Hamilton, Chuck Arkin, Bill Pryor, and Josh Helton.

Chuck Meyer opened with the three-shell game, followed by West’s “Four Dollar Trick”, then a version of Mike Close’s “Clones” sponge ball routine and ending with a comedy “Growing Penny” effect. Chuck delivered smooth patter and comedy throughout his routine.

Chuck Sunshine followed with Steve Beam’s “Multiple Impact” mentalist routine involving five spectators.  Each volunteer cut the deck to locate a card, and then buried the card within the deck. The deck was then cut and shuffled by the final spectator.  Chuck mixed humor and audience interaction in this captivating routine.

Greg Hamilton then borrowed a quarter from Bill Pryor, and had a volunteer draw designs on both sides of the quarter for unique identification.  Next he cut a small slit in a paper bag through which the quarter was pushed into the bag. Greg then had the volunteer reach into the bag and withdraw a locked steel strongbox, into which the quarter had mysteriously penetrated.

Next, Chuck Arkin borrowed a two dollar bill from Mark Wiechman. Mark then wrote the serial number of the bill on the outside of a paper bag for future identification.  Chuck proceeded to visibly tear the bill into tiny pieces and drop the pieces into a second paper bag.  After selecting the color “yellow”, and asking the audience to name something yellow, Bob Hedelsten said “banana”, and Chuck magically made a banana appear inside the second bag. Upon opening the banana, the borrowed bill which had been destroyed, re-appeared fully restored inside the banana, which was confirmed by matching its serial number.

Our Dean Of Cincinnati Magicians, Bill Pryor, followed with Geoff Williams’ match-no-match card prediction.  This was a fun betting game, with stakes progressively higher, as the volunteer attempts to predict whether sets of drawn cards will match each other with the same value.  Bill then demonstrated a nice variation of the shell game, using two pennies, one nickel, and three caps.

Finally, Josh Helton presented “The World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick”.  Audience volunteer Frank Johnston freely selected a card and buried it into the deck. After a bit of byplay, including a fun card-throwing exhibition which cut through a vegetable, Josh placed the deck into a metal animal trap, and thrust his hand into the trap to retrieve the chosen card from the middle of the deck as the trap was closing. Well done!

In a most tightly scored contest, in which the judges had only one point difference between first and second place, Chuck Arkin and Chuck Meyer won first and second place respectively, with Josh Helton winning third place.

After the meeting, several of the attendees adjourned to a local restaurant for a late dinner and more magic.   

From left to right: Chuck Arkin, Bill Pryor, Chuck Sunshine, Chuck Meyer, Greg Hamilton, Josh Helton 

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