Close-up Contest

February 2018
President’s Message


Dear Fellow Magi,

Our February meeting will be our Close-up Contest. We need to have at least five contestants to compete in order to award the winner of the contest a name on our plaque. So far I have two signed up, and will take up to eight more to perform. Please give me a call to enter!

We have scheduled our board meeting in February to discuss the events for the rest of this year. If you have any suggestions, please call or email any Board member.

If you did not attend the Teach a Trick in January you missed out on learning from the best! Many thanks to Ron Lawson, Frank Johnston, Pat Thernes, Chuck Sonenshein, and Bill Pryor for teaching twenty-five other attendees, eager to learn magic!

Upcoming events (tentative)

February 23rd–  Close up contest
March 23rd – Lecture by Cody Nottingham
April 28th – Magic auction
May 26th – Lecture by Tom Vorjohan and elections
June 9th or 10th – Picnic

Pat Hartzel

Recap of Friday, January 19th “Teach-a-Trick” meeting

Ring 71 held its annual “Teach-A-Trick” event on January 19, 2018.  President Pat Hartzel opened the night with announcements.  After the “Good and Welfare” announcement, in which people wished positive medical recovery to Pam Thompson, President Hartzel mentioned the following upcoming club dates:  Close-up contest on February 23rd, Cody Nottingham lecture on March 23rd, Magic Auction on Saturday April 28th, Tom Vorjohan lecture and elections on May 25th, and picnic date for either June 9th or 10th.

The Past President’s plaque and gavel was awarded to Sir Patrick Thernes for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  He then distributed certificates of appreciation to the past officers and past Board of Governors who served with him.

Attendees were encouraged to register for the 2018 IBM Convention, to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Bill Pryor was recognized for his outstanding achievements and being on the cover of the IBM Linking Ring magazine.  Mark Wiechman then provided his Treasurer’s report.

Five of our members presented their “Teach-A-Trick” effects.  First, Ron Lawson demonstrated a card trick attributed to Cameron Francis, named “Creation”.  The effect, using a stacked deck in Sy Stebbens order, has an audience member select a card, which identifies a value, and a second card that reveals a suit, and then the magician identifies that “chosen” card’s position in the deck.

Frank Johnston then shared and explained a card routine in which the volunteer selects a card, then four piles of cards are dealt, with the face-up values totaled and revealing the chosen card’s position in the deck.

Sir Patrick Thernes then performed and taught a family-friendly routine, during which he used a Hyrams Handkerchief to “catch” a fairy, and then have the fairy send a message through the use of Spirit Slates.

Chuck Sunshine presented and explained a series of card effects, during which (i) cards are shuffled resulting in all red cards face-up, and all black cards are face down, then (ii) a selected card is the only face-up card, then (iii) a freely selected card is produced from an invisible deck, and finally (iv) a four-Ace routine during which four Queens are selected and then transpose positions with the four Aces.

Our final performer was Bill Pryor (a/k/a The Dean of Cincinnati Magicians).  Bill first presented his “Duplicate Thoughts” routine.  Fourteen cards are selected from a deck.  Then, through a series of “did you see your card?” displays, Bill determined what card each volunteer selected, and whether both volunteers had the same duplicate thoughts.  For his final presentation, Bill showed his “Shifty-Six” routine, in which the volunteer moved through a series of six cards, ending on a predetermined card prediction with a surprise kicker ending.  These were a good sampling of effects available in Bill’s lecture notes and DVD which were made available to attendees.  Well done!

After the formal events concluded, the magical evening continued with fellowship at a local diner.

Upcoming Events and Magical Happenings…

Sir Pat-Trick and Mike Woodward

Recreating the intimacy of popular vaudeville performances, A Little Night Magic is a new and exciting theatrical show that brings the audience into the Magical World of Award Winning Magicians Sir Pat-Trick and Mike Woodward. This fast-paced 90 minute performance piece is a fun filled family friendly show that uses traditional magic and side splitting comedy to transport the audience back into the time of the golden age of Magic, a time where Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harry Houdini, and Howard Thurston all reigned supreme.

February 16th & 17th at the Falcon Theater

Friday, February 23rd-Close-up Contest

Our February meeting will be our annual Close-up Contest.   This is a great way to try out those new routines and tricks in front of your fellow magi!  The rules for the contest are as follows:

Participants must be a paid up member of the club.
The act must be between eight and ten minutes long.  After ten minutes, points will be deducted from the score.
Judging will be based on the following categories (from 1-5 points for each):

Overall Impact/Audience response

Five Judges will be selected from non-participating members and guests from the audience.
The MC (Master of Ceremonies) can not be one of the contestants.

If you would like to participate, please contact President Pat Hartzel.

Winter Carnival of Magic

Pigeon Forge, TN  March 8-10th

 Country Tonite Theatre is hosting another very magical weekend as magicians gather for a 3-day magic convention. This year’s event features several lectures, a dealer’s room, a close up competition, a stage competition and evening shows. Adults and children of all ages are welcome to join and we hope to see you there!

Year after year, the Winter Carnival of Magic has brought some of the greatest magicians to East Tennessee to perform and lecture. Past performers have included Jeff McBride, Oscar Muñoz, Pop Haydn, Losander, Joshua Jay, The Pendragons, Aldo Columbini, Arthur Trace, Terry Evanswood, Duane Laflin, Gene Anderson, Shawn Farquhar, and a long list of others.

The following performers have been booked for the 2018 Winter Carnival of Magic:

   Winter Carnival of Magic Web Page                                                                                                                    

Friday, March 23rd-Lecture by Cody Nottingham

Our 7pm. meeting at KT Magic will be a lecture by Cody Nottingham.

Those of you who’ve heard the name Cody Nottingham know the kind of visual, hard-hitting magic he delivers. From his break-out successes with “Changes”, “Shake”, and “Code Red”, Cody brings an onslaught of routines, moves, and magic concepts in his first-ever lecture here with us At The Table! Here’s what you’ll learn:

Ring Penetration: A gimmickless ring-penetration effect that starts on the finger of one hand, and ends up on the finger on your other hand.

Ring Through Shirt Penetration: A variation on the ring penetration where the ring travels through the fabric of your shirt.

Queens Assembly Routine: A gimmickless and impromptu routine where 4 Queens are placed onto 4 different packets of cards. One by one, the Queens in each packet disappear and finally reappear onto the final packet.

Dude Where’s Your Card?: A spectator chooses a card and loses it back into the pack. The magician now uses the Queens to find the spectator’s card.

Punched and Restored Bill: A spectator punches a hole in a bill. In a split second, the hole is gone!

Interchange: A utility switch device hidden in plain sight. Incredibly easy to build and even easier to use!

Top Card Tenkai: A move that gets a card that’s supposed to be lost in a pack into Tenkai palm position with one hand.

One Handed Card Switch: Inspired by the MacMillan Switch, this is a quick and mechanical card change with tons of potential uses.

Various Triumph: A chosen card is lost in a face-up and face-down deck. The magician fairly cleans up the face-up and face-down situation, but when the magician spreads the cards, the selected card is the only card reversed in the deck!

Cipher: A simple and devilishly clever bill serial number divination effect. It’s easy to perform and even easier to get great reactions.

TC Change: A visual color change of a vertical card in a horizontal deck.

Cody’s Queens: Cody’s version of Bill Goodwin’s “Queens.” A visually stunning piece of magic where Queens seem to disappear from the top of the pack into the middle of the deck.

Cody’s Pop Out Move: A selection pops out of a riffle and bridged deck.

Spread Split: A flourish that reveals and displays the middle card of a sandwich trick!

Admission for IBM Ring #71 members is FREE.   Guests are welcome and their entrance fee is $15.

“Shake” by Cody Nottingham

Saturday, April 28th at KT Magic-Magic Auction 

The Magic Auction returns to the Ring!  More information will be coming!  Stay tuned! Meanwhile, start collecting those magic props that you never use so you can  turn them into $$$!

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