In Memoriam: Don Hinton

Don HintonWith much sadness, we must report the loss of our dear friend Don Hinton. He died Tuesday morning, April 8, 2014, after a four-month struggle through hospital and rehab treatments. The memorial service will be held on Friday, April 11th, at Parkside Christian Church in Anderson Township. Friends may visit at the Church from 10-11 am.

More details are available in the Enquirer’s obituary section.

Farewell, Don. You will be deeply missed, and fondly remembered.

2 responses to “In Memoriam: Don Hinton

  1. Very sad to hear about Don Hinton.=
    Can anyone help me , get some good close up magic , to me in Australia ?
    I would welcome members recommendations for tricks etc & how to get them..
    Cheers Neil.
    Neil McIntyre = Australia.

  2. DON & I would sometimes go out together for a bite to eat & share Magic effects & stories & just enjoy each others company. DON had just taught me a card trick at our next to last get-together that I use in my restaurant work all of the time. I will use it tonight in fond memory of one of the sweetest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing. Sometimes in life you meet someone you just hit if off with & don was one of those people to me. know that you will be greatly missed Don. Your friend forever. DENNIS METZ

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