Meeting Report — March 2014

Ring 71 President Pat Harztel called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 PM. After our guests introduced themselves, Pat reviewed some upcoming events:

  • IBM Ring 71 and SAM Assembly 11 will present a joint lecture by Paul Gertner on Friday April 11.
  • The annual Magic Auction will be held Saturday April 26 at Haines House of Cards, Norwood, OH. Sellers are urged to register early, and to submit lists of items that they plan to offer for sale.
  • Our May 23 lecturer will most likely be Bill Cook of Chicago. Final arrangements are underway.

Jeff Brown reminded the membership of the visits that members of SAM Assembly 11 make to the hospital each month, and asked that any new volunteers contact him to be included on the mailing list.

Mark Wiechman reported that Don Hinton is out of the hospital and now at Forest Hills Care Center for physical rehab.

Pat then introduced this month’s lecturer, Ed Ellis. Ed has been a professional magician for 38 years, and has lectured and performed around the world. Ed began by demonstrating an opener he calls ‘Titanic’, a fingertip production of the four Kings from a deck. This quickly segued into the production of a selected card from his shoe, which he managed even after dropping part of the deck! And that was followed by ‘Materialize’, a very cool and strikingly visual circular color change on the face of the deck.

Of course, Ed showed us the inner workings of all of the effects he demonstrated. The ‘Card from Shoe’ was especially well received, as it is entirely impromptu. Ed mentioned that he does this only once in a while, as a shocker.

Ed went on to demonstrate nearly a dozen more effects, moves, and subtleties. Highlights included:

  • ‘Jumping Jacks’ – an assembly of the four jacks from within a pack of four Jokers
  • ‘You Ring?’ – the visible penetration of a borrowed ring through an unprepared rubber band
  • ‘Band Through Thumb’ – the very deceptive penetration of a rubber band through the performer’s thumb
  • ‘Totally Blue It’ – a card selected from a red-backed deck is located, and then the entire deck changes into blue-backed cards
  • ‘Ringnature’ – a fantastic closer using a borrowed ring, which vanishes and then reappears wrapped around a previously selected card with a rubber band.

Ed also discussed some of the finer points of the Double Lift, and provided a lengthy tutorial on the ‘Crazy Man’s Handcuffs’.

In just over two hours, Ed Ellis delivered a powerful and entertaining lecture on his unique and very commercial style of close-up magic. We are all better magicians for having spent time with Ed, and we thank him for sharing his talent and experience with us. More information on Ed Ellis and his magic can be found online at

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