Ring 71 Close-Up Contest – January 24

The Ring 71 Close-Up Contest took place at Haines House of Cards on January 24. Chuck Sunshine performed his “will the sox (socks) match” routine and won 1st place! Bill Pryor earned second place with his “One Thumb-4 Toes”, “Markathought”, and “Bill-O-Belli’s Revenge” card and coin routines. Denny Metz took third place with amazing card prediction, “static electricity” card balancing and levitation, and paddle move performances. Well done!

Several junior performers also got to show off their talents. Attica Couch, Eli Brown, and Ryan Weiden Weber each performed between the contestants.

2 responses to “Ring 71 Close-Up Contest – January 24

  1. Hello Folks= where can I purchase the ” Close up tricks ” mentioned here.

  2. Great story & photos= I ve developed a great mental mystery, I ask a person to think of a number between 1 to 50 = keep it to themselves, then I show several cards with 170 different mixed up numbers , and I can tell the number , they first thought about = very clever. No word spoken.
    Cheers Neil =

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