Update on Don Hinton [FURTHER UPDATES]

Maryann Hinton has sent another update on Don’s condition:

Dear Friends,

I saw Don’s doctor this morning, and he gave me the following information. Don will be on dialysis 3 times a week. Hopefully, this will be temporary. His heart use to be too fast, now it is too slow. They are monitoring him without heart medicine. He may need a pacemaker. He is using the vent collar during the day, and c-pap at night. He isn’t bleeding anymore. He is off the antibiotic, with no infection. His nurse put socks on his hands, so he doesn’t have to be tied down, which causes him to be agitated. If he continues at this rate, he will be discharged at the end of week. Major prayers that Don’s insurance will approve his long term care at Bethesda North.

Please continue to keep Don in your prayers. He still has a long road to recovery. Also, prayers that he won’t be disoriented. He has been on so many drugs over the last 39 days.

God Bless All of You!
Maryann Hinton

[UPDATE 01/16/14] Maryann writes further:

Dear Magician Friends,

On Thursday Jan 16 Don is going to have a dialysis port procedure at 8:00 a.m, and he is going to have a feeding tube inserted in his stomach at 2:00 p.m. He had dialysis today, and will have it Friday. If he does well with everything, he may be dismissed Monday. Please pray that all the procedures tomorrow go well, and that he will have hope that he will get totally well.

His cardiologist is giving him medication, instead of a pacemaker. Prayers that his health insurance will approve long term care at Bethesda North Hospital.

Thank you for all your prayers.
God Bless You!
Maryann Hinton

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