Don Hinton — good news!

Don Hinton is still in the hospital, but it seems he is improving. Maryann Hinton sent the following update earlier today:

Dear Friends,

I talked to Don’s morning nurse, and she had some good news. Don is going the 2nd day without using the oxygen on the ventilator. He is hooked up to the ventilator, and it will be used at night. The hospital isn’t going to kick Don out of ICU.

They are going to do therapy on him, to regain his strength this week-end. This morning, his doctor decided to wait on the feeding tube. He feels he has a chance to make it, without doing that procedure. The social worker at the hospital will try again Monday, to convince the insurance to approve his long term care. He has had the nurse call me twice to listen to my voice. Don’s sister from Louisville came down to visit him. Thank you for praying so much for him. Please continue the prayers, that God will heal him! That covers it all! God Bless You!



2 responses to “Don Hinton — good news!

  1. Great news about Don Hinton , and we will all keep preying until Maryann & Don , are out walking the streets again = God bless.
    Neil McIntyre = Australia =( )

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