[UPDATED] Don Hinton in intensive care

Don Hinton

Don Hinton

Via Chuck Arkin, late yesterday, on Facebook:

Don Hinton is in the intensive care unit at Mercy Anderson hospital; according to his wife, his situation has improved during his treatment for pneumonia. He is not allowed calls nor visitors at this time. Mary Ann Hinton appreciates your thoughts and prayers for a good recovery. I will post more information as updates are received from Maryann.

And at around noon today, Maryann Hinton posted an update:

Don had some trouble with his oxygen during the night, but it is now stable. His doctor checked on him, and felt pleased with his progress. Thank you for all your prayers and concern. I will continue to keep you updated. God Bless All of You! Maryann

We all join together to wish Don a speedy and complete recovery.

UPDATE 12/09/13 9:00 PM: Maryann Hinton wrote:

Thank you so much for your prayers for Don. He is improving every day. He was weaned off his ventilator for 2½ hours today. His eyes were open, and he was able to respond to the nurse’s questions. He still had the ventilator tube in his throat. His chest x-ray is improving. He will be weaned off his ventilator again tomorrow. Please continue the prayers. We both thank you for your love and prayers!!!!

UPDATE 12/15/13 7:59 PM: Maryann Hinton wrote:

I just received a phone call from the hospital that Don’s lungs are filling up, and they are going to have to put him back on the ventilator, to prevent a life threatening event. Please put him on every prayer tree you can, for a complete healing. Thank you for all your prayers and support. He did all right the first couple of days off the ventilator, then his blood pressure went up, and then this happened. Don is in God’s hands, and I pray that he heals him. God Bless All of You!

UPDATE 12/20/13 4:20 PM: Maryann Hinton wrote:

Update on my husband’s condition… This morning I went to the hospital, and talked to his nurse. They tried to wean him off the ventilator, and he could only breath for 45 minutes. They are going to try tomorrow, if the numbers are right. I continue to ask for prayers for Don. Thank you for all your prayers.

UPDATE 12/21/13 6:30 PM: Ron Calhoun reports:

This morning Don Hinton pulled out his ventilator tube. He was using an oxygen mask. Everything was going all right up to awhile ago. The nurses are having a hard time waking him up, so they are going to put a bypass mask on him. Maryann is asking for prayers that this works, so he doesn’t have to go back on the ventilator. Thank you for all your prayers.

UPDATE 12/24/13 3:45 PM: A new update from Maryann Hinton:

Dear Friends,

Today, Don’s nurse told me that his lung doctor does not see any improvement on his lung x-ray. He is either retaining fluid again from his congestive heart failure, or he needs a different antibiotic for his pneumonia. He is still getting oxygen from the clip on his nose. He hasn’t been on the vent for 5 days. He is very disoriented. He is making up all kinds of stories, and seeing things. I am requesting prayers that God will help the nurses know how to make him well physically and mentally. Thank you for all your prayers, please keep them going!!! Merry Christmas! Maryann & Don

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