Barry Mitchell Lecture May 24: Simply Entertaining!

Barry MitchellBarry Mitchell’s family and children’s magic is known for being creative and simple. And the entertainment value is known for being unforgettable. You’ll learn simple skills and techniques with silk magic, sponge magic, storytelling magic, and stage presentations that just might change the way you think about performing magic, It will certainly show you how much simpler your show can be with greater entertainment value.

You need to know that this isn’t a card or packet trick workshop. There are only two card tricks. There will be no complicated slieght of hand. The lecture is a study in simply and successfully “entertaining” a family audience. Magicians and clowns will equally love it. Even if you are a dedicated “card trick only” hobbyist, you’ll still learn, laugh, and be entertained.

Join us at Haines House of Cards at 7:00 PM May 24th for Barry Mitchell’s lecture!

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