Louisville Magic Festival June 14-16

Brahm Corstanje of SAM Assembly 11 has forwarded this message from Mac King:

Mac KingAs many of you know, Bill Herz (President of a company called Magicorp, and the fellow who books all my shows outside of Harrah’s) and I are producing a festival of magic in Louisville this June 14-16. We’re mighty excited.

This festival is not like a magic convention that is designed exclusively for us magicians. This is a festival to promote the art of magic to the general public. So we want this to be a smashing success. A festival of this size and scope has never been attempted in the US. Bill and I are putting up our own money for this, and there is considerable risk. But we believe in Louisville. We believe in the concept. And, as corny as this may sound, we believe in magic. With that in mind, I’d like to enlist your help.

Please tell your friends about the festival. Please tell your friends to tell their friends about the festival. Send them to www.LouisvilleMagicFestival.com. Ask them to like us on Facebook. Louisville is a great city, and the shows will be worth the short drive from Cincinnati.

As a small thank you, I am attaching a code that you can use when you buy tickets to any of the shows we’re bringing in. Just enter LMC-001 when you purchase your tickets and you’ll receive 10% off your order (excluding the magician’s only lecture package — that’s already discounted — read the “Magicians Only” page for details to see the amazing line-up of “magicians only” lectures we’ve got lined up for Saturday and Sunday afternoons). For our bookkeeping purposes this code will expire on May 24th, so use it soon! I hope you’ll come see a bunch of shows and support what we’re trying to do.

Again, Thanks for all you’ve done for me, and for magic over the years.

Your pal,


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