President’s Message – February 2013

The Magic year is half over, and there is a lot more magic and fun to come! We have had lectures, a workshop, close-up contest, and Magi-Fest.

Here is what we still have to look forward to:

Saturday February 23rd – We will hold our annual ‘Holiday Banquet’ at the Farm.     The banquet is held along with SAM Assembly #11. Prepaid reservations are requested. We have extended the early bird reservation for one additional week!

If your reservations are prepaid on or before February 11th, the price will be $25.00 for each member and only $20.00 for the member’s spouse, best friend or other relationship.

For additional guests of the member, the cost will be $25.00 per person. Reservations made after February 12th will be $30.00 per person. See the reservation form in this month’s Zig Zag.

Entertainment will be by Ron Frank (“Mr. Magic”) from Columbus. Ron is a professional entertainer, the Territorial Vice President representing Ohio for the IBM, and he previously won first place in the senior stage competition at Magi-Fest!

Friday March 22nd – Lecture by Kozmo (also known as Ted Brainard). Kozmo also is known for the on-line REEL MAGIC endeavor. We had hoped to have Ted several years ago, but it did not happen due to scheduling difficulties.  Be prepared to be amazed and entertained!

Saturday April 27th – We will hold our annual auction at Haines. This will again be on a Saturday.  So gather those magic items that you no longer use and want to turn into cash for yourself, and make out your wishlist of items that you would like to purchase at bargain prices!

There will certainly be many items that can be used to perform magic shows, entertain friends and customers, and add to your magic collection.

Friday May 24th – We will welcome a lecture by Barry Mitchell. Barry is one of the top family and children’s entertainers! I very much look to this lecture, and hope you will join us!

The election for the 2013-2014 officers will also be held at the beginning of our May meeting.

If you would like to run for an office in the IBM Ring, or wish to nominate someone else, please let me know, as elections are coming soon.

Make your banquet reservations ASAP!

Thanks, and see you soon! 

Don Hinton
President, Ring 71 (2012-2013)
Phone: (513) 248-0773

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