April 2012 President’s Message

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

Well, we are rounding the turn and heading for the home stretch for the IBM Ring 71 2011-2012 year. Here’s what we have lined up for the remainder of the year.

On Saturday April 21st our club will sponsor the Annual Auction. So check your shelves, closets, and/or basements for those treasures you might want to auction off. You should find some great buys for your magical desires. See this earlier article for further details.

David Ginn will lecture on May 25th. David has offered to give a free DVD and trick to the first 25 members to sign up to attend the May lecture. So signup at the auction or contact me to get on this list.

Also our annual elections are scheduled in May. Mark Weichman and Mickie Pyles have volunteered to be part of a nominating committee to present a slate of officers for the elections. If you are interested in serving as a club officer, please inform Mark, Mickie, or myself. We do need candidates for both the secretary and vice-presidents positions, and there are also several board member positions available. Thanks!

We have added a special lecture on Monday June 4th. Although this is not our regular meeting night, we could not pass up welcoming Joshua Jay, as he will passing through town. I know I do not want to miss this one.

Of course we will conclude the year with a picnic on June 10th. The War of the Wizards between IBM Ring 71 and SAM Assembly 11 will be part of the entertainment at the picnic. We need three participants for the War of the Wizards. Please contact me if you want to perform.

And as the magic year draws closer to a close, if you are not a paid up member, we offer you a membership special. If you rejoin Ring 71 now, we will extend your membership through the 2012-2013 year for the amount of only Thirty Five Dollars.

Magically yours,

Don Hinton

President – Ring 71

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