The Dragonfly Foundation sends its thanks

The following letter was recently received by IBM Ring 71:

February 16, 2012

IBM Ring 71
c/o Ms. Betty Winzig
Haines House of Cards
2514 Leslie Avenue
Norwood, OH 45212

To International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 71:

I am writing to thank IBM Ring 71 for their support of The Dragonfly Foundation. Four Cincinnati magicians, all members of IBM Ring 71, entertained the attendees of our “Hearts for Dragonflies” Gala on Saturday, February 11, 2012. We heard many admiring comments, both during and after the event, from the attendees regarding the skill and showmanship of the performers. The performances were jaw dropping! They added such personality to our event and really helped us to set it apart from other fundraisers held throughout the year – especially important since this was the first gala event ever held by The Dragonfly Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing comfort and joy to kids and young adults with cancer and blood diseases.

The Dragonfly Foundation thanks the following performers:

  • Chuck Arkin
  • Jeff Brown
  • Rick Gaffney
  • Bill Pryor

We are grateful for the support of IBM Ring 71 and the Cincinnati magic community for supporting our mission. We hope they will want to participate in our 2013 event. We know we want them back!



Ria Davidson
Vice President and Co-Founder

(click for full size view)

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