Keith Fields to lecture February 24

Keith Fields will visit Ring 71 for a lecture on Friday, February 24th. Keith hails from the UK, and has been honored there with multiple awards including Magic Circle Close-up Champion, International Street Entertainer of the Year, Southern England Club Entertainer of the Year, and many others. Keith writes:

I have been very blessed and had an amazing career, making my living solely as a performing magician. Mainly working corporate events, cruise ships, trade shows and comedy clubs and in my early years Kids shows. And many of the things I have learned will be shared at my lecture.

This is the first lecture that I have put together and contains only material from my working repertoire… no pipe dreams, no half thought out ideas, no impossible sleight of hand. All my material has to work in front of real people who have paid to see me do a show, and that is exactly what you will get… guaranteed!

Alongside that will be loads of magic with my work on the chop cup, a borrowed bill routine, card tricks, close-up tricks, mentalism and my favourite routine for Kids of all ages!

And as a comedy club headliner with over 25 years experience I am sure we will have some laughs along the way!

Here’s a sample of Keith’s unique style of comedy magic…

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