Annual Close-up Contest

The Ring 71 Annual Close-up Contest was held at our meeting on December 16, with four of our members taking part as contestants. Each contestant was to perform for between five and eight minutes. P. J. Arnold, Bill Boden, and Patty Bertsch served as judges.

(Click photos to enlarge.)

Larry Payne opened with several variations on the Hot Rod, a silk and ribbon routine that reminded me of the classic Sefalaljia, and closed with a deceptive ball and tube effect. ⇒

⇐ Don Hinton performed a Reverse Matrix effect, followed by an “Un-Card Trick” (performed with un-cards (blank cards), naturally). Don closed with a Card to Envelope effect.

Ian Adams, one of our youngest members, did a full program of card effects: a packet trick revolving around an odd back card, a behind-the-back location, a vanishing deck, and an effect using two Kings to hunt down the chosen card. ⇒

⇐ Patrick Thernes opened with the production of a glass of wine, then wowed the crowd with a five-minute Cups and Balls routine performed entirely to music. The final surprise, in which the three multi-colored paper balls merged into one, was especially effective.

After a brief break for snacks, the Ring reconvened and the judges announced their decision:

  • 3rd place: Larry Payne
  • 2nd place: Don Hinton
  • 1st place: Patrick Thernes

Congratulations to all our contestants!

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