Ring 71 75th anniversary: Call for interviewees

Chuck Arkin, past president of Ring 71, has embarked on a project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of IBM Ring 71. Chuck writes:

As you may have seen from Zig Zag articles over the past few months, Pat Hartzel and I are creating a book to honor Cincinnati’s Legends and Leaders of Magic. These are intended as not-for-profit books (at no cost to the magic clubs or recipients), to be given out as gifts, early next year, as we celebrate Ring 71’s 75th anniversary, and will also acknowledge the 90th anniversary of SAM Assembly 11.

For the “legends” part, we invite all Cincinnati magicians who have been performing for twenty-five years or more to send me a promotional picture and a brief biography (perhaps a page of information, that we can edit down). Some people find it easier to just have me interview them.

The “leaders” part is intended to include past president’s of the Cincinnati magic clubs. We have all the names of past IBM ring 71 president’s, though we are missing the names of past presidents (and years served) for the other Cincinnati-based magic clubs. Any assistance or names/dates you can provide will be much appreciated.

Our preference is to receive your information electronically via email, or snail mail if you prefer. However, to help facilitate people who want to come in to be interviewed, Betty Winzig has agreed to allow me to conduct interviews at Haines House of Cards during its regular business hours on Friday, November 11th (it’s a Veterans Day work holiday day off for me), and on Saturday, November 19th. Please contact me (email carkinwzrd@aol.com or call 513-236-4015) to make an appointment if possible, so that interview times will not overlap.

If you meet the criteria listed above, please download this information form (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF). After filling it out, please email it to Chuck. You can also print it out, fill it out by hand, and mail it to Chuck at the address listed at the top of the questionnaire.

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