October 2011 President’s Message

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

September magically started out with lots of great magic, beginning with the Aldo and Rachel Colombini lecture on September 16th, followed by the Stars of Magic show on Sept 23rd. Many flattering comments were heard from the sellout crowd, and many of your fellow magicians commented that it was one of the best local magic shows ever seen. All the performers were local, including members of our own IBM Ring 71.

October will also be a great magic month, concluding with the October 21st lecture with Christopher Bolter — who promises to ‘blow your mind’. Christopher comes highly recommended.

On Friday, November 18th, look forward to a teach-in by some of our great Ring 71 magical talents. Several magi have volunteered to share their effects with us. If you would like to teach some of your favorite effects, please notify me.

December 16th will bring the annual Ring 71 Close-up Contest. Again we need contestants, so please sign up now to avoid the rush.

We plan on returning to The Farm on January 21st for our annual Holiday Party with SAM Assembly 11. More details later – but be certain to mark this date on your calendars.

More great magic will follow throughout the year. See you soon!

Magically yours,

Don Hinton

President – Ring 71

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