September 2011: A new season begins

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

Another exciting year is about to start for IBM Ring 71 here in Cincinnati.

First, Aldo and Rachel Colombini will be presenting their final lecture tour before departing for Italy. This special event will take place at Haines House of Cards on Friday, September 16th and will be jointly sponsored by Ring 71 and SAM Assembly 11, the Queen City Mystics.

The following Friday night (September 23) will see the Stars of Magic Show presented at Anderson Theater in Anderson Township. This is a charity event for the Katie Haumesser Foundation. The show begins at 7:30 PM, and features several IBM Ring 71 members. Come early and be entertained several other Ring 71 members, who will perform from 6:30 until the show begins. I have a limited number of tickets available for a special group price of only $6 per ticket. See me at the Ring meeting on the 16th, or call me at (513) 248-0773 if you need tickets.

On Friday, October 21st, we will have a lecture by Christopher Bolter, a Bostonian. A little about Christopher:

Christopher Bolter has been performing non-stop since he was 9 years old. You can find him hopping from college to college and Fortune 500 to Fortune 500 all over the country. Chris has performed his unique blend of mentalism and psychological mind reading at over 350 campuses from Los Angeles to London. Also, Chris is a regular guest for corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Bank of America, Price Waterhouse, Merrill Lynch and Mattel. Having performed at The World Famous Magic Castle on multiple occasions, Chris was begged to release some of his methods to the magic world. Now is the time! After Chris’ break out lecture at the International Magic Exposition Chris has hit the ground running with material and products designed for the working performer. Chris’ lecture will take you through some of his pet material and into the nitty gritty work on getting into the college market and corporate world. This is one lecture you don’t want to miss!

On Friday, November 18th, we will have a teach-in presented by your fellow Ring 71 members. If you would like to share your skills and effects with the rest of our club members, please contact me before I contact you!

Looking forward to seeing you for these exciting events!

Yours truly,

Don Hinton

President – Ring 71

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