Help us celebrate 75 years!

In honor of the approaching 75th anniversary of Ring 71, Chuck Arkin is compiling a history of the Ring. Do you or anyone you know have any memorabilia from the Ring’s past, especially photos and stories?

Chuck Arkin needs your help in obtaining both pictures and short stories about Ring 71, including its activities, members, leaders, performers, lectures and workshops, contest winners, and any other interesting historical information. Chuck’s goal is to publish (at no profit) an historical 75th anniversary book honoring the members and our contributions to the art of magic.

He especially needs pictures (preferably color, but black and white is okay) showing Ring 71 members and activities from each decade. For example, Chuck found a Linking Ring article from March 1937 that included a faded black and white picture of the original 13 members of the club, posing with our W.W. Durbin banner that hangs in the meeting room at Haines House of Cards. Can you share any Ring 71 photos from the past?

There will be at least one chapter devoted to each decade of Ring 71 magic. What do you know about Ring 71 in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and so on?

There are many ways to get this information to Chuck:

  • Scanned photos and/or stories and recollections can be emailed to Chuck at
  • You can also call Chuck at 513-936-8446 to share information including ideas and stories (he can type as you are talking to him).
  • You can mail any information you have, including photographs in a photo mailer or “do not bend” container (preferably identifying the persons in the photograph, dates and event/location of the photo) with your brief stories or explanations to:
        Chuck Arkin
        3659 Langhorst Court
        Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
  • Alternatively, you may bring the photos with comment cards to Haines, or see Chuck at any Ring 71 meeting.

Thank you so much for your help!

2 responses to “Help us celebrate 75 years!

  1. Ray,
    Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any pictures you could scan and email to me, along with any details about current or past members of Ring 71?


  2. For what it is worth, my grandmother, Marie F. Ramge (nee Deihl) was one of Durbin’s assistants in the early teens. I have one of his programs and a 4×4 silk he used in his act.

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