July 2011: Another great year!

Dear friends and fellow magicians,

Thank you for allowing me the honour of serving as President of Ring 71 for these past two years.  Our high caliber of lectures, banquets, contests, auctions, member teach-ins, community outreach program, and picnics would not have been possible though, without the wonderful teamwork and hard work of your officers, board members, and club volunteers.

Special thanks to Vice President Frank Johnston for his insight and guidance on a wide range of topics including lecturers and assisting with club activities, to Secretary Jeff Brown for re-designing our web page and spearheading our community outreach program and recruiting members, to Treasurer Pat Hartzel for keeping our financial condition sound and helping with every phase of our activities, and to Sergeant At Arms Rick Gaffney for maintaining meeting decorum and coordinating raffle activities.  Mickie Pyles and Betty Winzig did a fantastic job coordinating our annual banquets and picnic meals.  Helen and Bill Fehn helped with Ring Reports to IBM and keeping our lectures running timely.  Don Hinton and Mark Weichman also helped the officers with many of these activities including providing invaluable assistance on our By-Laws committee and handling picnic logistics.  We also had wonderful, collaborative assistance from members of SAM Assembly 11 and countless other Ring 71 members.

So, as we gear up for another great year, under the leadership of your new President, Don Hinton, ask yourself: What you can do to help our club grow and prosper?  Clearly we need and appreciate your continued support through membership dues and/or lecture fees, auction participation, and raffle prize ticket sales.  In addition, to remain a dynamic and vibrant organization over the long term, I encourage you to bring more people to our activities, and consider whether you have some time to help our handful of volunteers with our club activities.

Let’s work together to keep building on the “magical experience” at Ring 71.


Chuck Arkin

President – Ring 71
Home: 513-936-8446

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