Eaton, OH Magic Auction – October 12 & 13

Auctioning 3 magician’s estates!
Here is a link to photos of SOME of the auction items.
There is plenty of free parking. Food and drinks are available.
Cost for a paddle to bid is only $5.
There are NO buyer premiums paid by the buyer.

Preble County Auction Gallery, 210 Nation Avenue, Eaton, Ohio 45320

Preview of auction items: Friday, October 11th: 11:00 am – 6:00 PM.

Saturday, October 12th: Starting at 10:00 am.
Sunday, October 13th:  Starting at 10:00 am.

Terms:  Cash, in state checks, Paypal, or credit card with 4% clerk charge

Count Marco’s Haunted Castle Returns – Oct 29, 30, 31.

Mark Weichman, a long time Ring #71 member puts on a Halloween Castle display annually. He is celebrating their 57-year for the display. I have seen it in years past and it is impressive and fun!

It takes “Count Marco” and his team 3+ weeks to get the Haunted Castle set up! Yes, it’s that large and well worth making an effort to see it this Halloween season!

Mark your calendar’s now for October 29, 30, 31. The display is open from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. The address is 3456 Crooked Tree Dr, Mason, OH 45040.

Donations made at the Haunted Castle benefit the “Pray Hope Believe Foundation” and the “Shine Like Sable Foundation”.

Wednesday, October 30th Meeting Announcement – Family Friendly Halloween Magic

 October Meeting Schedule:

  • 5:30 – 6:30 Arrive and get set up (Show Performers and Officers Only)
  • Ring members should arrive in time for the first show at 6:30.
  • 6:30 – 6:55 Show #1 with Performers #1 and #2
  • 7:00 – 7:25 Show #2 with Performers #3 and #4
  • 7:30 – 9:00 Ring 71 meeting

The church has half of the kids take a Hayride, while the other half is inside for Halloween activities.  Then the children switch places – which is why we have two shows.  The Ring will have four performers be part of the Halloween activities inside for the children and families attending.  If it rains that night, then all of the activities will be indoors.

The shows will be on a stage, with a sound system and plenty of comfortable seating for everyone attending.  We will be in the children’s area on the lower floor.  There is an elevator to get between floors.

During the meeting portion after the shows, we will ask three people to provide feedback for a performer, so a total of 12 members will provide feedback to the 4 performers.  Each reviewer provides feedback for only one of the performers. (4 magicians x 3 reviewers = 12 different reviewers).

Also, during the meeting portion, I’d like to encourage you to perform a “Halloween” trick – please, don’t tell you don’t have one – ‘cuz I know you do!  Anything with spirits, ghosts, haunted, skeletons, pumpkins, poltergeist, writing, and so much more are all “Halloween-ish”.

Everyone attending the shows and meeting will be eligible for a door prize (a platform magic trick) with a retail value of $55.

Trevor Duffy Lecture Review

Trevor Duffy lectured for I.B.M. Ring #71.  His lecture was full of magic that was commercial, easy to perform and with a nice variety of effects.  It’s clear that Trevor performs regularly for lay audiences.  The routines were all well thought out, had nice touches, clear premises and surprise endings.

The card routines were varied and entertaining.  The coin routines did not use gimmicked coins and were easy to follow.  The magic tricks included a range of skills from self-working to intermediate sleight of hand.  There were no “knuckle buster” moves or sleight.  His “Magic Blood Trick” was a fun interlude that will take your helper and the audience by surprise.  Trevor’s “Smoke Pro” creates delightful moments in the show.

Trevor did an excellent job of not just explaining the routines, but also the “whys” of routine.  The “whys” included his thought process, psychology, performance tips, and misdirection.

The reviews of his lecture by the attendees were excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the tricks, routines, and presentations.  And, the feedback consistently said that the tricks were ones that the attendees can perform themselves.  What more could you ask from a lecturer?

Trevor Duffy Lecture – Saturday, Sept 21

Trevor Duffy is an award-winning comedy magician and entertainer residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has performed professionally for the past 25 years.

Trevor has developed a unique blend of comedy and magic. His lecture encompasses Close up and Parlor shows – magic with coins, banknotes, thin cards, regular cards, and utility devices. He shares the secrets and then his thought process behind the scenes. Laws of human nature are also woven into his methodology, all and all making for an extremely user-friendly and practical lecture.

Furthermore, he discusses experienced insights and methods for keeping oneself motivated and driven. He talks about the value of using affirmations and positive thinking in order to achieve the best in life.

From Trevor:

Here following is a more in-depth view of what is entailed in my current ‘Negotiating the Barriers’ Lecture.  As mentioned in the synopsis,  my performance entails using coins, banknotes, cards, thin cards, and utility devices.  Cards are not a huge part of the lecture – purposefully.

lectures for magicians by Trevor Duffy 3

Rather, I have woven in a lot more of other material.  My use of clothing for instance, as a utility device, is extremely fascinating and very useful.

There are some ‘more on the serious side’ topics of the lecture and then there are other more humorous aspects, with some good laughs.

With many of the routines, I also talk about the psychology behind ‘why I do what I do’.  An example of this is when I do the ‘Double your Money’ routine.  My thinking is based on the law of Reciprocity, which is explained in detail and as to why it is such an effective routine.  I talk about ‘thinking more deeply’ with our magic and how crucial this is.  An example is presented which leaves the audience without any clue as to how things could have worked.

In the second half of the lecture, along with more magic, I discuss and share how important positive thinking is and how this is so connected to our own success.  If I have time, I talk about my unique method for practice.

I guarantee an evening with much to learn and think about, no matter what style of magic people perform.  Much of what I talk about, can be merged into whoever we are, as magical entertainers.

To conclude, whilst there are some sleight-of-hand techniques used in my lecture and which I teach, it is very ‘user-friendly’.   Most people will be able to learn what I teach and I guarantee that everyone will leave the lecture inspired.

Admission is FREE for IBM Ring #71 members. Guest fee is only $15.

Zig Zag Prez Message & Klosterman Mill Visit


Dear Fellow Magi,
The picnic was a lot of fun!  Don Westermeyer’s home (mansion) was a wonderful place for the picnic!  You missed a lot of fun if you didn’t attend – Dameon (Hal Meyers) did an excellent magic lecture; Susan Payne lead the charge to throw Larry into the pond; Chuck Arkin had magic worth about $6,000 for sale at the flea market (that he is now planning to donate to the IBM); and Don gave out gold bars as presents when we left.  You really, really should have been there…
Unfortunately, Pat Hartzel was in the hospital and unable to attend the picnic.  He was out just in time to attend the Board Meeting.  He is recovering at home.  Denny Metz was not able to attend the picnic because he was a having gall bladder issue.  I haven’t been updated about Denny’s status, but I’m hoping he’s back up-and-around.  Please keep both Pat and Denny in your thoughts, heart, and prayers.
As our wonderful scribe (Lori) has written, we also had our first Board Meeting.  Not as much fun as the picnic and Larry stayed dry this time. We did exchange a lot of ideas and have a basic plan for the meeting through January 2020.  The Board and I want to try some different things this year at the meetings.  More about that later.  Please let me know what you like and what you didn’t like after the upcoming meetings.
The highlights of the questionnaire responses, in descending order of importance.
What is liked?

  • Drawing for a trick/DVD
  • Teach-a-Trick
  • Magic Performed by members
  • Lectures
  • Help session with tricks/routines
  • Snacks/drinks
  • Summer Picnic
  • Public Show by the club.

What is NOT liked?

  • Contests
  • Teach-a-Trick
  • Performing
  • Business Meetings

Yes, there is some overlay – but that is to be expected.  Not all of the I.B.M. members want to perform/teach for other magicians or the public, but they do enjoy watching and learning tricks.
Talk to me in person at the meetings, send me an email, call me.  No, we can’t please everyone.  But if you do NOT communicate your concerns, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, then we won’t know what is working and what is not working.
We are also going to look for more ways to communicate with the club members, through Social Media, the website and emails.

Trip to The Mill-Saturday, July 27th

Save the date!  More information will be sent out soon!

The Klosterman Mill tour in Georgetown, Ohio, will be on Saturday,  July 27th from noon to 6:00 PM.

  • The plan is to carpool.  Details will be announced later.
  • There will be food and drink.
  • Charlie Meyer will be going early to help setup / prep for the visit/tour. If you are interested in going early with Charlie, please let him know – 513-702-4400.  (Early arrivals without Charlie are NOT permitted.)
  • If anyone is interested in performing at the Mill (there is a stage with theater seating), please let Charlie or Lori know ASAP.  The performances will be videotaped and each performer will get a copy.
  • The Mill is not air-conditioned.  There will be fans, but it’s going to be hot in July.
  • The is a small elevator at the Mill to go between floors.

Board Meeting – June 15

Charlie Meyer started the meeting off by providing each member with a copy of the survey results from surveys turned in at the May meeting and the June Picnic.

Discussed were options for meeting locations, activities, and preferences, as well as suggestions made by members.

  • It was agreed that the club should change it’s meeting night to a Thursday night.
  • A Lecture Committee was formed, consisting of Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson and Pat Thernes to seek out and review potential lecturers on the quality of their lectures.
  • A Membership committee was formed to work on membership retention and engagement. The members of this committee are Mark Wiechman, Larry Payne, and Charlie Meyer. Swag bags for new members was also suggested.
  • A committee was also formed for the purpose of bringing in more youth to the Ring. A Youth Scholarship could be awarded by having a youth perform magic at meetings.  The Youth Scholarship Committee is composed of Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson, and Mark Wiechman.
  • Suggestions for new meeting format included having the business meeting at 6:30 pm., with new business being brought up only in the business meeting.  The meeting would then start at 7:00 PM with 10-15 minutes of announcements, followed by the scheduled activities.
  • Possibilities for pre-meeting activities include Teach-a-Trick, History of Magic and/or Product Reviews.
  • Other possibilities include bringing back the raffle, door prize or a “split the pot”.
  • As meeting feedback is important, comment sheets will be distributed at the end of each meeting for board members to review.

Discussed meeting schedule:

  • Saturday, September 21st at 7 pm. was confirmed for the Trevor Duffy lecture.
  • The November meeting will be Mike Powers lecture on November 14th.
  • The October meeting may be Halloween magic (kids/family friendly).  We are working on the possibility of performing the magic for kids and follow that with the meeting.
  • The December meeting (though usually dark in the past), would have the theme of Holiday tricks with food being served.  The tentative date for this is Saturday, December 7th.
  • The January meeting will be close-up performed by the club members.

The Board adjourned with the anticipation of getting the results from the new committees.

I.B.M. Summer Picnic – June 9

Our June meeting was held on Sunday, June 9th, when we had our Annual Picnic and a lecture by Hal Meyers (aka Dameon).  Our venue this year was at the home of Donald and Dy Westermeyer, who were very gracious and accommodating hosts!  Several members had high-quality items for sale for the flea market. Snacks and dessert were also provided, and the drinks were flowing!  The rain held off, and many decided to enjoy the outdoor breeze on the deck by the pond. Jack’s Catering once again provided a great lunch, and as usual, there was plenty of leftovers to divide up among the members for them to take home!
After our lunch, TVP Ron Frank started the meeting by greeting the guests and inducting all the newly-elected officers and giving the past board members certificates of appreciation from the Ring.  President Charlie Meyer then made announcements about the questionnaire, asking those in attendance who had not filled one out to please do so.
Dameon then took the floor and gave us some background on his magic career.  He had all of the lecture attendees pick up a paper bag before the lecture, and then fill the bag with balls, cards, rope, etc. that would be used in his “hands on-back to the basics” lecture. The first part of his lecture was on ropes.   He showed us how to make a vanishing knot, shoelace knot and a jumbo version of a ring and string routing which turned into a  hula hoop and rope.
The second teaching segment was on balls. Dameon showed everyone how to do basic rolls and flourishes, change the ball colors, and how to palm the balls.  Next up was the segment of cards. He demonstrated how to make a card rise, back-palming, card manipulation, and flourishes.  With the thimble segment, basic thimble moves were taught, as well as how to do color-changing thimbles and making the thimbles jump.  The segment on doves was next.  Dameon explained about loading doves and doves harnesses. Dameon also shared his knowledge that he gained from years of experience on setting up an act, and what items to always bring to every performance (tape, rubber bands, scissors, markers, etc.).
Dameon took the time to walk around the room and assist audience members were needed for each part of his teaching lecture. Everyone got to keep their bag with the items to practice.
It was great to see everyone!  A good time was had by all!

IBM Ring 71 summer picnic attendees. 

2019-2020 Officer Installation

IBM Ring 71 picnic, with Rob Frank (Territorial Vice President) congratulating incoming officers and board members who were in attendance. Left to right: Rick “T-rick” Gaffney, Bob Hedlesten, Frank Johnston, Ron Lawson, Treasurer Mark Weichman, Secretary Lori Arkin, Vice President Larry Payne, President Charlie “Charlie Cadabra” Meyer. Congrats to all!

Hugh Turley Lecture


Presented by IBM Ring #71

Come to the North College Hill Senior Center this Friday, March 22 at 7 pm. to see Hugh Turley! His lecture will cover:

 • How to perform magic professionally in a hospital
• His complete walk-around routine for children with all the bits, gags, and laugh lines.
• Using a magic wand
• Turley’s magic mouse routine
• Any message appears on any card named
• Impromptu torn and restored napkin
• Turley’s easy-to-do miracles magicians miss
• Turley’s magic beans
• How to add extra income to your act

 Admission is free for Ring #71 members and $15 for guests.  See you there!